Right Track.


Top: Thrifted / Tube top: Q (Cerritos mall) / Skinny Jeans: Rainbow / Heels: Reflections (Cerritos mall)

Hey ladies! Hope everything is fine and well with you. The past couple of weeks have been SO hectic for me. And part of the craziness was my little brother getting married in like one week! So my family and I had to throw together the FASTEST wedding and bachelorette party in the world! Lol It was tight...but I’m happy to announce everything came together perfectly. For a night on the town and a little “entertainment” J I wore this knitted top that I found at the thrift store for like two dollars! It fell off the shoulders...which gave it a little sass and sexiness.  I paired it with a amber colored tube top and white skinny jeans that I found at Rainbow. I had been looking for some  white skinny jeans forever… so when I saw these for $18, I jumped on it IMMEDIATELY! Lol. I finished the look off with nude heels, simple gold hoops and a gold and leopard watch. For my face I kept my eyes fairly simple with a pink pout. Overall, I liked how it all came together. I felt comfy and sexy at the same time, which is the BEST combo in the world to me! Lol.

Much love,

Cafe Entourage.


So, as you can tell between this post and my Movie Night post I am totally loving this color combo…lol. I even incorporated some leopard this time too…but with my heels instead. The goal this night was to be comfy, but still look put together. Not too dressy…just polished. I wore this outfit for a night on the town with my girls to celebrate my friend Tyra’s birthday. We hit up CafĂ© Entourage in Hollywood, which ended up being so fun. A little crowded, but I loved the atmosphere and the crowd…definitely would go back again. So…do you have any repeat color combos? Or repeat offender items? lol

Much love,



Ok…so this night I decided to be bold and dare to show a little skin. Usually I would NEVER wear a tube top without something FULLY covering me up…but this night I said what the heck. I decided in 2013 I need to spend more time embracing who I am right now, while striving to be better. So, yep I wore a tube top in the winter just because lol. In the new year ladies…I dare you to step out of your fashion comfort zone and try things you wouldn’t normally. And don’t just try it, be CONFIDENT wearing it. And if you’re comfortable in any and everything…well you better WERK honey!!!

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Congratulations Amber on your win!!! Now time for your mystery prize.... A white and gold statement necklace from Forever 21! Hope you love it! lol And don't forget to send me pictures with you rocking it :) Thanks to all the beautiful ladies that entered and everyone who participated in voting. May you all have many more fashion filled days in 2013!

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Hey boo's! Ok, so this top is one of those thrifted items that I wonder who wore it and where? I love the retro vibe it gives, bright colors and comfortable fit. I decided to let it be the focal point of my outfit and paired it with all black and nude heels. I wore this out to celebrate a friends birthday and it worked out perfect! Do you have a retro or vintage piece that your glad you found?

Much love,

Your Favorite.


I'm Chelsea from Houston @fashionrelse on instagram

5 Random facts about me
1. I love every aspect of fashion
2. My phone is my life
3. I take pictures everyday I love the camera
4. I have 2 tattoos
5. I can't leave the house without my gold watch!!

My name is Pinky from Hanover Park,IL (outside of Chicago) 

Five random facts about me
1.       I'm a Pisces (88 baby)
2.       I've been working at my current job since I was 18 years old
3.        I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter
4.       Almost got ran over by a car as a child
5.       I lost over 80 pounds

My name is Amber and I am from Jamaica, NY. Here are my 5 random facts about me:

1. I love roller coasters but I am afraid of Carousels.
2. I love breakfast foods, and I can eat them at any time of day.
3. I am ridiculously ticklish to the point that I laugh every time I get a pedicure.
4. I am addicted to nail polish and I am pretty sure I have 3 of the same color because I bought them at different times and at different stores.
5. My father is a Deacon.

Hi, I'm Carmesha from Raleigh NC.

My random facts:
1. I am a huge Jay-Z fan.
2. I am an only child, but I
m not spoiled, selfish, or an extrovert.
3. I freestyle (rap) when I get tipsy.
4. I never leave voicemail messages, or listen to messages that people leave me.
5. I have an addiction to shoes. When I was younger, it was tennis shoes and Timberland boots (I had over 20 pairs of Timbs!). Now, it
s heels!

Hi, I'm Kentrell...New Orleans..

1 Im a blogger of
forevernstyle.blogspot.com new vlogger on youtube @elitegirltrell
2 I have a Bachelors of Sciences degree in Apparel Merchandising
3 I am a Freelance Makeup Artist
4 I can sing but only my family knows
5 I can finally look in the mirror and say " I'm CURVY but damn I look Good" :-)

I want to thank you so much ladies for participating in the Best of 2012 contest! I really loved learning more about you :) And you all look wonderful! Voting begins today and ends on Sunday January 13th 12pm PST. Only one vote per computer or mobile device. Winner and prize will be announced on Monday January 14th. Good luck ladies!!!

Much love,