A Time For Change


Dress: Mode
Shoes: Borrowed
Clutch: Thrifted $2
Watch & Earrings: LA Fashion District

NYX black eyeliner upper & lower lashline
Mineral Bronzer: MAC
Lipstick: Jordana in Almond

Ok...so I don't know if you noticed but I haven't posted in a few weeks, I have a few reasons. 1.) I was on vacation in New Orleans. Mardi Gras baybeeeee!!!! Woo Woo!!! Yaaayyyy!!! Yeeee!!! Ok sorry, I'm back...lol. 2). I felt a change was needed before I started blogging again. I just started blogging about 2 months ago and I really didn't think that I would enjoy it as much as I do. Really, I couldn't have been so wrong! I find blogging to be one of my best ventures yet, I would even call it therapeutic. So, after much thought, advice and a little research, I felt that switching to Blogger was the best option for me. Sure, I was going to lose all of my wonderful comments and have to start over from scratch, but I rather do it two months in than before I had too many post under my belt. Along with the host change I also decided to change my name to reflect a little more about me fashion wise. So I went with my absolute favorite fabric and my absolute favorite print. Hence, Lace N' Leopard! So after my long winded blog changing disclaimer, lets get on with the Fashion! Here is one of night looks while on vacay, and yes, its Leopard...lol.

Much love,


Love Is In The Air


2012-02-08 13:49:56.0
Wow...Valentine's is already here again? It's crazy how much could change in one year! Well, in the spirit of LOVE I decided to post some makeup inspiration for cupid's day. Here is my look for 2011. Trying to figure out what I want to do this year? I've done the red lip so it's time for something new. Decisions Decisions...Regardless, gotta keep it sexy!!!

Much love,


Valentine's 2011




*All photos courtesy of google images.
If you would like to see a video tutorial on any of the following looks...let me know!

No Weave. No Makeup. No Clothes.

Ok, so one of my ongoing goals have always been to look and feel good with no weave, no makeup and no clothes...lol. Sounds simple right? Yeah...not so simple. Some people will literally not leave the house without a weave or their makeup. Some reasons may be hair breakage, unhealthy skin, or simply because they look better with those things. Really I don't know every woman's reason. But speaking for myself, I could say that even though makeup, hair and nails and all the rest of those things "enhance" beauty, I don't want to feel like I NEED it to feel good about my appearance. I want to be in my natural state and be good with that.

So, after a little self analyzing... I think I have the no weave part down. Of course, I love to wear weaves because they are convienent. However, I feel good wearing my real hair and its pretty healthy for the most part ( I will share what worked for me in the future). No makeup and no clothes is a completely different story though...lol. So, in the spirit of taking baby steps..I will focus on one thing at a time. Lets start with no makeup, which ultimately leads us to skin care. Here are some easy and affordable skin care tips you could use to start tackling your trouble areas and clearing your complexion. Hope this helps and if you have any skin care regimen, products or secrets that have worked for you...please share! Afterall, sharing is caring...lol :)


Lemon is the best thing available in our kitchen to reduce the marks and blemishes from the skin. It can be applied directly on the skin or can be mixed in many other things and packs to be applied on the skin. Try this!
Lemon Olive Oil Mask

1 teaspoon olive oil
A few drops fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup cooked instant oatmeal (cooled)
1 egg white

Mix olive oil, lemon juice, oatmeal and egg white until smooth. Spread on your face and neck. Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with your favorite facial moisturizer.

Minimize Your Pores

The most basic course of action to clear any oil, dirt, debris and dead skin cells accumulating inside these pores is exfoliation. You can start by using a daily facial scrub that goes deep into the skin to remove dirt as well as prevent acne breakouts.

The Magic of Steaming
Using steam on your face, if done carefully, will unplug your enlarged, clogged pores . Simply fill a basin with extra warm water but make sure that your “extra warm” is not scalding hot. To start steaming, hold your face over the basin for one to three minutes. Do not wash immediately because you must let the pores close naturally on their own. To speed up the closing process, dab some plain toothpaste on the blemished areas and leave it that way to dry

\ Sunscreen

That whole myth about Black women not needing sunscreen? It's just that... a myth! Our skin is just as susceptible to damage caused by harmful UVA/UVB rays — which causes everything from severely dehydrated skin to hyperpigmentation. Dermatologists recommend wearing a moisturizer with SPF every day, rain or shine, and choosing makeup products with SPF. Hitting the beach? Make sure you spread or spritz sunscreen all over your body.

Hydrate & Moisturize!

Many people spend their days in a state of mild dehydration. Consuming far fewer fluids than they should.
Adequate water rewards you with...
  • Enhanced health
  • Increased energy
  • Bright, clear eyes
  • A radiant complexion
The Mayo clinic suggests using "8X8" as a guideline...8 glasses, 8 ounces each, of fluid daily.

A basic law of beauty is that everyone, no matter her skin type, should moisturize. Even if your skin is oily, it will benefit from moisturizers. (The only exception is those with acne). Why? Moisturizers seal moisture into skin (Berg calls this the "Saran Wrap effect"). So how much should you moisturize? Your skin will tell you. When your skin is tight, it's crying out for moisture. Be careful not to over-moisturize, as this can clog pores. Lean towards a moisturizer that lists the things you’re looking for IE. Even tone, SPF, etc.

And these are the basics!! Start with this and I'm sure you will see an improvement worth noting. I am going to come up with a regimen myself and maybe even post some before and after pics. O_o Yikes!!! LOL


Whole Fit From The Thrift!

Ok, so I know that everyone is not big thrifters. I know…I know…thrifting does take a lot of patience, a lot of looking and a lot of digging. But sometimes when you dig..you find gold! I am an avid thifter. 1) Because I love a good deal. 2) Because I love a good deal…lol and 3) Because you could find unique pieces that no one else has. When I wear certain pieces, I think wow…who wore this first? How did she wear it? And did she think that 20+ years later that someone like me would be wearing it and how I would rock it? So with that said, I encourage you…even if you’re not a thrifter, to visit your local Goodwill today and tomorrow, if in LA County. Once a year Goodwill has this huge blow out sale where ALL CLOTHING is only $2!!! And that time is here!!! I listed the info below. Happy shopping yall!

Much love,


Vintage Paisley Print Dress $2.50.

Goodwill retail stores in Southern California, Los Angeles County are holding a $2 clothing sale on Friday and Saturday, January 27th & 28th 2012. See below for a list of LA County locations. Call and confirm participation before visiting :)

  • Carson
    21827 S. Avalon Blvd., Carson 90745;
  • Cerritos
    10745 South St., Cerritos 90703;
  • Compton
    121 S. Long Beach Blvd., Compton 90220;
  • Gardena
    16220 S. Western Ave., Gardena 90247;
  • Hawaiian Gardens
    12130 E. Carson St., Hawaiian Gardens 90716;
  • Long Beach/West
    800 W. Pacific Coast Hwy., Long Beach 90806;
  • Long Beach
    2610 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach 90806;
  • Long Beach
    1130 Redondo Ave., Long Beach 90804;
  • Long Beach
    8155 E. Wardlow Rd., Long Beach, 90808;
  • Torrance Towne Center
    25425Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, 90501;
  • Norwalk
    12827 Pioneer Blvd., Norwalk 90650;
  • Paramount
    8524 Alondra Blvd., Paramount 90723;
  • Redondo Beach
    317 Torrance Blvd., Redondo Beach 90277,
  • Redondo Beach (@Artesia Square
    2318 Artesia Blvd., Redondo Beach 90278;
  • Torrance
    22725 S. Western Ave., Torrance 90501;
  • Wilmington
    311-A W Pacific Coast Hwy., Wilmington 90744;

OOTN: A Little Sugar Never Hurt Nobody!

2012-01-25 11:27:20.0
This weekend I took to the city again! This time, to celebrate one of my friends birthday. We ended up having dinner at this really chic restaurant in LA called RockSugar. Even though I was late (totally need to work on that lol), I got an opportunity to taste their Princess Chicken and it was pretty darn good if I do say so myself. Nice environment, good food and even better friends...what more could a girl ask for? Here was my look for the night...
Much love, Tiff

Tiger print blazer with fringe: Thrifted, Top: Small boutique downtown LB, Tights: previously owned Shoes: Red Tag
Makeup: Falsies, eyeliner and coral colored gloss.

Photo Op : I's Married Now!!!

2012-01-20 15:21:08.0

So...I had the opportunity to shoot my very FIRST wedding recently! I received a phone call out of nowhere and it went a little something like this "I'm sorry this is such short notice but I need you to do a wedding in the next couple of days." Yeah...my eyes looked something like this O_o ...lol. But, on the good side, the wedding was a very intimate and based at the couples home. These people were so down to earth and the true definition of loving. I had an AMAZING time shooting and an even better time getting to know such a wonderful couple and family. Here is a look into the Gaynair wedding...

Much love,

2012-01-18 10:27:35.0

This is what Dior had to say!
Fashion is in my blood...literally. Being the granddaughter of a boutique owner opened me up to the possibilities of fashion. Spending most of my adolescent years assisting her during the weekends, I became fascinated with fabrics, the art of accessorizing, and learning the proper use of color. I knew then that fashion was more than just simply “wearing clothes”; fashion was a form of self expression.


Aside from my fabulous Grandmother, my style has been influenced mainly by the 70’s. Disco Fashion is one of my favored eras. The platform soled shoes, exotic prints, wide legged pants and big hair, are all timeless.
I enjoy the challenge of incorporating classic looks with updated innovative trends. Something Old, Something New, and Something Blue, is my fashion motto.
You can make your basic black dress a unique creation with sassy accessories! When in doubt, apply the motto! Add a new neck scarf, a vibrant colored pair of heels, or a vintage snake skin clutch purse for a fun look!
There are no rules with fashion. Great fashion is being confident, fearless, and making great use of the materials you have!

Thanks Dior! I absolutely love the red dress with the fur! A girl after my own heart :) So, what do you guys think of Dior's style?

OOTN: Loungin’

2012-01-10 12:08:42.0

This weekend I got a chance to get out and party it up for my cousin’s birthday. We went to this really cute bar/lounge in LA called The Wellesbourne. Saying I had a great time would be an understatement! Here is my look for the night…

Oh and before I forget…If you would like to feature your own style on PNP Blog Boutique, please send 2-6 full length pictures along with a description of your style to lacenleopard@gmail.com and be the Fashion Play of the Day! Pictures may be posted on Facebook or Twitter.

Much love,


Top: Thrifted / Tights: Previously owned / Lace up heels: Red Tag/ Watch & Earrings: LA Fashion District

Makeup: Falsies, eyeliner and gloss.

Sprinkle Me Mane

2012-01-05 11:10:44.0
So, I woke up this morning and my hair was just not making the cut. My hair is flat ironed and it desperately needs to be washed, but I had no time to wash it. I heard of dry shampoo, but I never used it before. Then I remembered, one of my really good friends told me that she put a little bit of baby powder in her hair and it gave her some bounce back! My only problem was I didn't have baby powder...I only had foot powder O_o. I thought what the heck, powder is powder!.lol! I didn't cover my whole head of course, I just took a little sprinkle in my palm and rubbed it through...and to my astonishment it worked!! Now, it didn't replace a shampoo...but it will definitely buy you some time! The whole powder thing prompted me to find some more household beauty finds and here they are! Hope you find something you could use!

Much love,


1. Toothpaste
Have yellow nails? Scrub them with toothpaste to remove stains and add shine. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice for extra whitening; it’s a natural bleaching agent.

2. Eggs
Strengthen hair by creating an egg yolk-and-olive oil hair mask. The protein in the egg yolk will toughen up tresses, while the olive oil will act as a conditioning agent.

3. Cooking Spray
Rather than spray quick-dry oil on your nails, reach for a cooking spray instead. Just be sure it’s the original, unflavored version or you might get grossed out by garlic-scented cuticles.

4. Yogurt
If you burn your forehead using a curling iron, slather plain yogurt on the wound—the coolness will help with swelling and the yogurt will reduce redness and speed the healing process.

5. Paper Towels
Don’t have rollers on hand? Wrap hair in twisted paper towels; you can use more or less leaflets depending on how large or small you want the diameter of your curls to be.

6. Rubberbands
Make room for an expanding waistline by hooking a rubber band through the buttonhole of your pants; secure the other side to the button, and wear a tunic top to cover up your handiwork.

7. Unused Stockings
Create a chic shrug by taking a pair of tights or stockings and cutting off the feet (or use a pair of footless tights to save a step). Place arms where legs would normally go and—voila!—you’ve created a sleek spring alternative to a shawl or cardigan. Take it a step further by cutting slashes into the fabric, à la Monique Lhuillier’s ballerina-inspired fall 2009 collection.
  *All Tips & Photos Courtesy of elle.com

Happy New Years From PNP!!! Get A Photoshoot For Our LOWEST PRICE EVER!

2011-12-30 11:11:45.0

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OOTD: Adrienne Bailon

So... I'm surfing the net and came across Adrienne Bailon in a quite interesting number. It's kinda cute to me...I'm still on the fence though. What do yall think?

Much love,


*Photo compliments of Fashion Bomb Daily.

Photo Op : Tis The Season

23 Dec 2011

Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot for the wonderful Young Family. Even though it was storming outside...yeah storming..lol, we managed to pull everything off and the shoot came out perfect! To view more pictures, check out my Life & Family portfolio here. With that said, I hope and pray that you and your family have a safe and tremendously blessed holiday!

Much love,


Nail It On Me

I don't know what it is...but when a woman gets her nails and toes done she feels like a brand new woman! lol. It's crazy...but a little nail polish could go a long way. No one knows this better than Nail Artist and Designer Dominque Renee. Trust me when I say, no one out there is doing it like her. Dominque's designs are funky, edgy and are definitely attention getter's...the leopard set has my attention right now...hello! lol. Check out her dope nail designs and find out where she gets her inspiration.

Much love,


Tell us, how did you get started?
I started designing nails after seeing Solange Knowles do a post on MySpace about her love for nail art. She posted pictures of some of her favorite designs, and I was in complete awe. I had never seen anything like it! From then on I never looked at nail art the same. However, I was unable to find salons or technicians that were able to do what I wanted done, and the rest is history.

How in the world do you think of these beautiful designs?
Designing comes to me naturally.. as I'm watching TV, or looking at something I've seen a million times. Something just clicks.. and I'll either make a note of it or grab a pencil and pad and sketch.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by any and EVERYTHING!! Inspiration is all around me.. I am obsessed with fashion and art from the 80s and 90s so I watch a lot of old shows, music videos, movies etc. and I LOVE patterns. I'm also inspired by words, emotions, and thoughts. I then visually communicate them through my designs.

A lot of your designs have this 80’s 90’s retro funk to them. Do you have plans to create for any other eras?
Designing things inspired by other eras other than the 80s and 90s? Hmmm that's a good question.. maybe...

You are very young, and have accomplished a lot. I see you have expanded your vision to include jewelry. How did that come about?
I knew that nails were just the beginning for me. Jewelry has always been a part of my vision, I never saw myself as just a nail artist.

What’s next for Dominque Renee?
What's next for me? I'm getting ready to go to school to get my certification in Nail Technology. Once I finish the program I plan to either open up my first salon, or sign with an agency and do lots of runway, editorial, and media work. In the meantime I am working on my Spring/Summer collection and trying to get my products into shops and boutiques all over the US.

Oh…before I forget….tell us 5 things about you that you haven’t told on any other interview…no matter how weird it might be…lol.

5 things I never shared in another interview are...

1. I am a Christian.
2. I used to be OBSESSED with hello kitty.
3. I can find humor in almost anything..
4. My favorite thing to say is "ewww"
5. I have a facial expression for just about everything lol

Thanks for this opportunity, and your kind words!
Dominique Reneè

Get In contact!
Purchase @ http://shop.dominquerenee.com
Follow on Twitter @DominqueRenee
Tumblr http://dominquerenee.tumblr.com

A Gift Topped With A Bow

Hello people! So this is my very first blog post! I'm beyond excited and cannot wait to share a little of me with all of you. So let's get right to it! I had a couple christmas parties that I attended this weekend and had no idea of how I wanted to style my hair. In the chirstmas spirit, I decided to do a hair bow and this is how it turned out! Loved it! Check out the below tutorial on how to create your very own hair bow. Don't forget to email me some pics! They may just get posted ;)

Much love,