Summer End Contest!


Ok, so I know with my last giveaway I said not to worry if you didnt win, because I would have another giveaway before summer end. You thought I was playing huh? lol. Well even though it's August 31st, I thought its better late than never!'s the deets: I would like all of you lovely ladies to submit a photo of yourself rockin your favorite outfit of the summer! All submissions will be posted on Lace N Leopard with your blog, facebook or twitter link. Readers will have a chance to vote on their favorite look out of the submissions. The winner will cop this beautiful Peach Leopard Mini Purse/Wallet.

Rules of the contest:

  • All photos must be submitted to by Friday, September 7th 2012. Attach a .jpg or .png file with your summer look, your link, and why this look was your favorite. *Pictures will be posted and voting will be initiated the following week.
  • All contestants must be Google Friend Connect (GFC) followers >>> on the right.
  • All contestants must follow "like" LNL Facebook fan page.
  • Leave a comment below or tweet me, letting me know you entered with your name and email.
  • Collages ok to submit (3 picture maximum using the same look, i.e. one full body picture, one picture of accessories and one picture of shoes).

And thats it!!! Good luck ladies!! I cant wait to see what you've been rocking this summer!


Baby Blues.


Top: Thrifted
Blue Skinnies:Labijou
Necklace: Red Tag
Heels: Previous owned
Purse: Vintage
Watch: Polo

I had much going on this weekend, between doing photoshoots, getting Trent ready for the new school year and everything in between. But one of the things that I was most excited about was attending one of my high school friends baby shower. I hadn’t seen her in a while so it was very good to catch up and see all the pretty things put together for her new baby girl.

I decided to go for a little mix of old and new (my favorite combo these days) for my outfit that day. I wore a “dotted” <<< maybe not the best description lol <<< silk top, that I fell in love with at the thrift store… with my blue skinnies and nude heels. A vintage fur and gold chained purse, also thrifted, and muted gold statement necklace tied the whole look together.  

I swear all these babies everywhere is certainly giving me the itch for more, especially when one of my good friends said she had a dream I had another baby boy -_- lol. However, for now, it will be just that…a dream :)

Inquiring Minds.


I absolutely LOVE engaging with LNL readers..I have been getting different email inquiries and inquiries via my Facebook "Like" page. So, I decided instead of answering privately, that I would post my answers here, in hopes of possibly helping someone else. So please, if you have anything that you would like to ask, I will do my best to answer you and keep all readers anonymous. In between posts on the blog, I try to keep things going on Facebook, so if you haven't liked my page yet, you can do so here. You can also email me at So off to the first question!

Hello, First off..Love your page!! I am a plus sized woman. I wear around an 18 and it near impossible finding online stores that sell fashionable clothing for the "big and sexy". Would you mind providing a few links to where I can find clothing that fits a full figure? -FB follower

Hi Love,

Here are a few super cute plus size online stores that I am sure you can find something trendy and cute that you would like. If anyone else has any other online stores that they would like to add, please leave a comment below with the link!

Much love,

Plus size online shopping
Lace N Leopard Store

Dorothy Perkins – up to XL

Fashion to Figure

Posh Shoppe


Top Shop

Non-online Shopping to not rule out

H&M Plus

Target Plus

Kmart Plus


Hello I have a question I seen your blog and I just love love love your outfits. In October me and my boyfriend will be celebrating our 5 yr anniversary and we are going out to eat that night at a place called The Cheescake Factory and then later that night we are going on a carriage ride and I need help finding a dress. I want something extra sexy but classy. I mainly do my shopping online because I work all the time and where I live they don't hvae cute plus size clothes in stores. If you could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and P.S. Im only 22 =)

Hi Love,

Here are some looks that are super cute, sexy, fresh and young that would be perfect for your anniversary date! I also listed some useful plus size sites above. Hope this helps hunn! Congrats and have fun:)

Much love,

Find it here
Find it here
Find it here

Find it here
Find it here
Animal Mesh Contour Dress (image copyrighted) Find it here

$2 Bill.


Yesterday, I hosted an appreciation day celebration for my mother and step father on their 4 year anniversary. First of all, I was completely stressed out because I had to host, had no idea what I as going to wear and had only an hour to get it together. I opted for a burnt orange top that I found at the thrift store for $1 (I love burnt orange) and a printed wrap skirt that I also found for $1. Threw on a statement necklace, belt and heels and was out the door! Well, after begging a next door neighbor to snap a few pictures of me, of course :) Long live thrifting!!!

Do you thrift?



Yes, I’m a weirdo. I totally get motivated about healthy living and weight loss at the END of the summer (don’t judge me lol) -_- I don’t have a plan as of yet or any specific goals, besides knowing that I want to slim ‘some’ of these curves down…lol. For starters, I linked up with a few friends, and we have been emailing each other every morning with what we ate the previous day. I found that this is really helping me, because it is totally keeping me accountable for what I eat. Now, I’m not saying that my journal is all that great…but it’s a heck of a lot better than if no one else was watching what I was eating lol. Like, I’m totally embarrassed to say I ate 4 slices of pizza…so in result, I don’t do it. Also, when I see what other people are eating (yogurt, fruit, chicken, salad,) I feel horrible saying I had a double cheeseburger. And not saying that pizza or a cheeseburger is bad, but I feel it’s all about moderation. Because diet, diet, diet without any of the things you enjoy is a setup for failure (trust me, been there a few times). So anyhoo, the journal is really helping.. I recommend it for anyone that is trying to slim down as well. Now if I can start working out…I will definitely get this ball on the road!

I posted a video of Beautiful Brown Babydoll, a popular Youtuber that I love…who was successful at losing 100lbs, and has been successful at keeping it off. I love her story and the tips that she gives to encourage others. Check her out here. And, If you have any routines, tips, workouts, inspirations, before & afters, or plans that you would like to share…please do! I need all the motivation that I could get! J

Much love,

Summer Nights.


Dress: Fashion Trend
Heels: Red Tag
Bracelets: Purchased in Puerto Rico
Necklace: Red Tag (Refashioned an old necklace)

I don’t know about you…but it has been CRAZY hot where I live!! Generally, we have great weather…but this week, it’s been at least 90 during the day and somewhere in the mid 70’s during the night. I decided to take full advantage of the warm summer nights we’ve been having and had dinner outdoors right off the beach. The ambiance and cool ocean breeze couldn’t have been better. I decided to wear an abstract maxi dress accented with a bold statement necklace and simple armwear.

Kept my hair wavy and makeup simple.  I don’t talk about makeup much but I have to tell you about the Iman felt tip eyeliner pen, I just purchased at Target. I swear I LOVE it, love it, love it! It gives me a perfect line every time…and for under $4 you can’t beat it! Anyhoo…I hope you ladies are fully enjoying and getting the most out of these last summer days, it’s going to be over before we know it!

Much love,



(c) The YBF

Fab shoot from NeNe Leakes...thought I'd share!! 

Much Love,



(c) The YBF
So Keyshia Cole has been off the scene for quite some time now, probably focusing on her new marriage, child and family. However, Keyshia is back now and is actively promoting her new album. She made her rounds recently at 106 & Park with bleach blonde hair, a fitted black and white two piece outfit and some interesting heels. So, what do you think of her comeback look? Yes, No or Maybe so?

Much love,





Top: Rainbow
Stonewashed Jeans: Milky way
Gold Hoops: Local beauty supply
Nude heels: Reflections
Necklace: Gold name plate
Watch: Polo

Hey Ladies! So…this past weekend was pretty laid back for the most part, I just chilled out with fam and went to a house party with friends. Since this was a backyard shindig, I decided to keep it cute and simple. I went for my good ole' trusty stone washed jeans ( I swear I’m going to wear those things out) and a sheer collared top with lace details. I finished the look off with some heavy duty gold hoop earrings and comfortable nude heels. I really really wished I had a leopard bra in my life for a touch of sexy…but hey, sometimes you have to work with what you got :)

Much love,