Heavy Rotation.


Ok, so as you can probably already tell these shorts are going to be in heavy rotation this summer! I love how easy they are but still speaks volumes when it comes to personal style. I wore this OOTD for a family bbq on Memorial Day. I paired them with a sheer and sleeveless orange top and nude flats. And that’s about it! Very chill & very comfortable. I can’t wait to make more! I want to start experimenting with coloring and customizing too. So, we’ll see. Stay tuned!

Much love,
Tiff @Lacenleopard

Lighten Up


Hair: @hairxp | Top: DD's | Tights: @Fashionavenueplus | Heels: Thrifted | Lips: Heroine | Watch: MK
I’m baaacccckkk! Ok, so I have been in a fashion rut lately. I feel like I have absolutely no clothes! We know that’s not the truth...but I’m sure you ladies know the feeling lol. Plus, I just haven’t been in the mood to get dressed up. Do you ladies ever feel like that? Anyhoo…this new hair that I got from International Hair Xpressions is exactly what I needed to snap me out of my rut and get cute! lol As you know, I had been rocking my hair natural for a month or so and was ready for another protective style and just something different. I went out for drinks and dancing with my girlfriends this weekend, so this was a perfect time for me to debut my new do ;)

I wanted to go lighter for my birthday (June 11th ;)) and the summer, but I really don’t want to put any chemicals on my natural hair, so lightening this hair was perfect! When I received the hair it was so soft and smelled ah-mazing! I have gotten hair through the mail that smelled like straight up corn chips yall! I received (1) 14-16 (1) 16-18 and (1) 20-22 and decided to make a wig with a lace closure. This is my second time doing it and I am so proud of myself! I definitely love the hair so far and how the color came out. If you want to know how I colored my hair, what products I used and see the hair in its original state…let me know! You can check out more of what  International Hair Xpressions has to offer at the links below!

Instagram: @hairxp
Website: www.inhairxp.om

Much love,
Tiff @Lacenleopard

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes : Product Review


With and without

 First off, let me start by saying that I generally hate wearing mascara. Probably because my eyelashes are fairly short and thin, and after putting on mascara they are still fairly short and thin…just blacker lol. I would rather just put some lashes on and get it over with. But then, who really wants to take the time to wear eyelashes EVERY day?? I don’t lol. So, when I was sent this mascara from @youniquelyjontrell I kinda felt like I already knew what the results were going to be before I tried it. Right…”short and thin…just blacker lol.”

However, to my surprise not only were my lashes darker they were a lot THICKER and LONGER! Idk what those little fiber partials and gel do exactly, but what I can say is that they do their job! Lol. I loved the results and can definitely say this is a current BEAUTY FAVE of mine right now! You can shop the Mood Struck 3D Fiber Lashes and other beauty products at www.youniquelyjontrell.com Instagram: @youniquelyjontrell

Much love, Tiff

Mother's Day Takeover!


Fire Hot 

Candy Girl

Blue Lightning

Sophisticated Diva

Like Mother Like Daughter ;)

Lace N Leopard Mother’s Day Takeover! So my mother and I thought it would be so cute for her to take over my blog for Mother’s Day. My mother is nearing 50 and we wanted to show that being stylish and plus size doesn’t stop at a certain age. You can look amazing whether you are in your 20,’s 40’s or 60’s. We came up with 4 looks total. Using her natural hair and different wigs ;) 2 looks that she styled and 2 looks I styled. We are going to keep who styled what anonymous for now and allow you to vote on your favorite look! I am not sure of the age range of my followers but if you would like to see more looks for women in their 40’s and 50’s let me know! I had so much fun spending the day playing dress up with my mom. She looked absolutely STUNNING and I am so proud to call her mine ;) Love you mommy! Happy Mother’s Day!

Much Love,
Tiff @Lacenleopard

Funky & Flirty


Recently, my 9 to 5 has been providing me with all kinds of fun stuff to do! First of all, let me say, I rarely win raffle type stuff. So, when I got an email asking if I wanted to enter into a raffle to win some George Clinton & The Funkadelics, P-Funk and Cameo concert tickets I thought what the heck I’ll enter. And to my surprise I actually won! Now, I was just a tiny tike when these bands were out but they made some great music and truly performed back then. I thought it would be fun to go and it was!

Since everything was last minute, I had to go with items I already had in my closet. I decided to go for an all-black and white look with a little funk. I wore a tiger printed sheer top with sheer-paneled leggings. I finished the look off with some comfy strappy sandals and an old wash-n-go that I picked out into a mini fro. I love that the outfit was covered but still showed a little sex appeal with the fit and sheer-ness <<is that a word?? Lol. Anyhoo, overall, I love how everything came together and, most importantly, I felt FUNKADELIC in a new school kinda way!

Much love,
Tiff @Lacenleopard