Movie Night.

12.26.2012 girl Tyra of Street Therapy invited me to a private screening of Django Unchained. I really wanted to see this movie, so when she asked me to join her I accepted with no hesitation lol. The movie hit theatres on Christmas day and stars Jamie Fox who plays Django, a slave turned bounty hunter who is on a quest to find his wife who he was separated from by force. There has been a lot of hype about this movie…but I must say the hype is deserved. I loved every second! I ended up wearing a sheer long sleeved orange top purchased from Rainbow, black skinny jeans, tan heels and my favorite animal print scarf to tie the look together. I wanted to be comfortable but still look put together at the same time and I think it worked out :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. I know I am!  

Much love,




Hey ladies! Hope you are all doing well and in the holiday spirit! You know, typically, as we get older the less and less Christmas gifts we get. It becomes less about us and more about the kiddies and making it enjoyable for them. So…for the past couple of years me and a few of my girlfriends decided we should meet up and have a little food, a couple of drinks and do a gift exchange for the holidays. This year we met up at the BonaVista Revolving Cocktail Lounge (yes the lounge actually spins, but slowly of course lol). With the backdrop of LA high-rises and the city lights…the ambiance couldn’t have been better. For our little holiday fun, I decided to wear a knee length black and white striped bodycon skirt with a black cami. I brightened up the outfit with a fuchsia cropped blazer and finished the look off with nude pumps, a simple gold necklace and black clutch. I also changed my hair. I switched up the black tresses for an angled bob with honey brown highlights... that ended up being a hit! Not only did we share gifts but we shared laughs, love and memories…

Much love,

New Twist.


I had this black jumper for a couple years now and was trying to figure out a different way to wear it. So I decided to put on one of my favorite scraves right now and put in it place with a skinny belt. I never did this before..and loved how it hid my tummy and gave an old piece a fresh new twist. I tied the rest of the look together with simple black pumps (I got for $5 :)), a gold watch and hoops, red lips and red nails. I will definitely try this again with different scarves and belts. Stay tuned :)
Much love,

New Set.


Just wanted to share with yall my excitement! So…I have been debating for some time if I should get acrylic nails. I used to wear them ALL the time...but one day I took my nails off to get a new set and never got nails again or had the desire to. Until….stiletto nails came about lol. At first I was a little skeptical of the new trend but I still wanted to try them out SO bad. So this weekend I copped a new set and got a design inspired by Emily B of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Chrissy & Mr. jones. I follow Emily on Instagram (which I love) and saw this design she posted and HAD to do something like it! My nail lady hooked it up and I posted a picture on my Instagram and Twitter and tagged Emily in it. So we all know that celebrities rarely respond to fans…so when she responded to my picture I couldn’t believe it! So yes that’s my excitement… little stamp of approval with a smiley face from Emily B! Totally made my day :) How do you wear your nails? Natural or Acrylic?

Much love,