Your Favorite.


I'm Chelsea from Houston @fashionrelse on instagram

5 Random facts about me
1. I love every aspect of fashion
2. My phone is my life
3. I take pictures everyday I love the camera
4. I have 2 tattoos
5. I can't leave the house without my gold watch!!

My name is Pinky from Hanover Park,IL (outside of Chicago) 

Five random facts about me
1.       I'm a Pisces (88 baby)
2.       I've been working at my current job since I was 18 years old
3.        I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter
4.       Almost got ran over by a car as a child
5.       I lost over 80 pounds

My name is Amber and I am from Jamaica, NY. Here are my 5 random facts about me:

1. I love roller coasters but I am afraid of Carousels.
2. I love breakfast foods, and I can eat them at any time of day.
3. I am ridiculously ticklish to the point that I laugh every time I get a pedicure.
4. I am addicted to nail polish and I am pretty sure I have 3 of the same color because I bought them at different times and at different stores.
5. My father is a Deacon.

Hi, I'm Carmesha from Raleigh NC.

My random facts:
1. I am a huge Jay-Z fan.
2. I am an only child, but I
m not spoiled, selfish, or an extrovert.
3. I freestyle (rap) when I get tipsy.
4. I never leave voicemail messages, or listen to messages that people leave me.
5. I have an addiction to shoes. When I was younger, it was tennis shoes and Timberland boots (I had over 20 pairs of Timbs!). Now, it
s heels!

Hi, I'm Kentrell...New Orleans..

1 Im a blogger of new vlogger on youtube @elitegirltrell
2 I have a Bachelors of Sciences degree in Apparel Merchandising
3 I am a Freelance Makeup Artist
4 I can sing but only my family knows
5 I can finally look in the mirror and say " I'm CURVY but damn I look Good" :-)

I want to thank you so much ladies for participating in the Best of 2012 contest! I really loved learning more about you :) And you all look wonderful! Voting begins today and ends on Sunday January 13th 12pm PST. Only one vote per computer or mobile device. Winner and prize will be announced on Monday January 14th. Good luck ladies!!!

Much love,