Best of 2012 Contest!


Happy New Year ladies! I hope that you all brought in 2013 with a bang and thoroughly enjoyed the holidays with your love ones! So…without further ado, its CONTEST TIME again!! For the past few weeks I’ve been seeing different bloggers post random facts about themselves and I thought the idea was just so cute and fun. So, a couple a days ago I decided to post a collection of different outfits throughout 2012 along with random facts about myself on Instagram (mz_jucee). I was so surprised to see how many similarities I have with all of you and I loved it.  Which brings me to the contest…I want to see what YOU felt was your BEST outfit of 2012 and find out some things about YOU!!! The winner will get a MYSTERY prize in the accessory department. See below on how to enter :)

*All participants must be followers through Google Connect in order to enter –on the right of the blog. Contest open to US residents only.

Contest Rules
1.       Submit a single picture OR a 2 picture collage of you in your favorite outfit of 2012. FULL BODY
2.       Submit your name, where you’re from and 5 random facts about yourself along with your picture.
3.       Must be a follower of TWO of the following: Twitter, Instagram Facebook, Youtube –links on the right of the blog.
4.       Leave a comment below or tweet me @lacenleopard, letting me know you entered :)

Send submissions to --subject BEST OF 2012. Deadline to submit photos is Sat, January 5th 12pm PST. Readers will be able to vote on your submissions on Monday, January 7th. Can’t wait to see your submissions ladies!!!

Random Facts About Me

1.       My mom is a pastor.
2.       I never get tired of cereal, pizza or bacon.
3.       I was once engaged.
4.       I sometimes worry if I’m too independent.
5.       My friends complain about me never answering my phone. Yet I’m always on my phone.O_o
6.       I find sarcasm to be the best type of humor. I love sarcastic people. Especially men.
7.       My mother and I have a non-profit organization called Set Free WDI. We provide transitional living homes to at-risk youth, women with children and pregnant women.
8.       I bought my first house 2 years ago.
9.       I’ve always loved T.I. I’ve went to several of his performances (across states), have snuck backstage and even made my way to VIP with him and Tiny J
10.   Touching cardboard makes my teeth grind and my mouth water.
11.   Part of the reason I starting blogging was because I would get inboxed a lot about my clothes and hair after posting pictures on Facebook.
12.   I hate cracking chicken wings. Poor little bird wing L
13.   My son was a micro preemie. Born at 23 weeks 5 days and 1lb 7oz. A true miracle from God.
14.   I used to have a jheri curl. -_-
15.   I close my eyes whenever I put on chapstick or any other lip balm.
16.   I love to kiss.
17.   Never really liked wearing shorts.
18.   I’m the type to get botox, though I haven’t yet.
19.   I can’t put on eyeliner without opening my mouth.
20.   I’m constantly trying to strengthen my relationship with God, keep my heart right and do better.


  1. I was so excited when I finally found your blog. Loved your outfits! will be entering!

    1. Awww..thanks so much!! Can't wait to see your look :)

  2. You have definitely had an awesomely fashionable year! ;)

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