Gimme Plum.



This dress is sexy & sophisticated all rolled up into one! Definitely one of those pieces that could be easily dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood. Unlike your typical maxi dress it has this awesome mermaid style silhouette that is just perfect for showing off your ah-mazing curves. A plunging v-neckline and front slit add the perfect amount of sexy, while the deep plum color is right on trend for the season. Perfect? Ummm…pretty much.

I decided to dress it up and pair the dress with simple gold accessories, per my norm, chic black pumps and a metallic gold clutch. This dress is perfect for a nice dinner or date night with the honey. Hope you enjoyed this look and I hope you enjoy your holiday! I can’t believe 2015 is almost over!

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Tiff @LaceNLeopard

Get Waisted.


Hey boo's!! So...I decided to add waist training to my weight loss journey and I am loving it so far! Check out my full review on the waist trainers that I have been using from Your Fashion Frenzy now on youtube!
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Top: Older, I believe I got it from @fashiontrendinc | Skinnies: Gifted | Heels: Rainbow | Belt: @labellacouture1

So IDK if this only applies to me and my friends? But it seems like the older you get the less presents you get for Christmas?! One day you wake up and your running around like a chicken with his head cut off looking for gifts only for Christmas day to come around and you have one gift, if you’re lucky lol. So, with this realization, a few friends and I decided that we would do our own gift exchange each year and call it “Friendsmas”. Last year, went up to the snow and exchanged gifts. This year, we did a painting over drinks. Which was SO fun! I can’t believe I made my painting because I am truly artistically challenged. Stick figures? Yeah, that’s all me lol.  To say I had a BLAST would be an understatement. We may not spend a lot of time together but when we do it’s always good times. Especially if drinks are involved ;)

For my outfit of the night, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible but still cute. So I opted for a non-restricting flowy asymmetrical top that I love! It hides the belly and has a flattering cut. Perfect for those nights you don’t want to suck it in or wrap it tight lol. I paired the top with these super cute leopard skinnies that my mom gave me. Thanks Mom! And finished off the look with my three-toned Zara inspired heels and oversized gold plated belt.

I loved the way the look came together but loved the time spent with friends even more ;) What are some of your Christmas traditions?

Much love,
Tiff @LaceNLeopard

Weight Loss Update! | 1 Month Results!


Hey ladies! My one month weight loss results, workouts and what I've been eating is now on YouTube! Check it out! How many of you have been on this journey with me?? ;)


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Blacker the Berry.


Tank & Jeans @Fashionavenueplus | Jacket: @lanebryant | Heels: +Rainbow Shops | Shades: Del Amo Fashion Center

It’s always good to try something different right? I took that philosophy and ran with it, in this week’s look. I am constantly looking for and finding inspiration online and on the streets. Fashion is everywhere and I love it! My girl @iamdnicole BRINGS it when it comes to fashion inspiration and outfit creation on her Polyvore Style by D Nicole. I love her range of outfits. She posts anywhere from sophisticated chic to, day to day, cute and casual.

I decided to try one of her edgier looks and complete it with my own twist. Leather? Check. Distressed jeans? Check. Black lips? Check. (Sidenote: I lovvveed the black lippie!) This look screams “Edgy Chic” and I could not wait to recreate it! Be sure to check her out for more outfit inspiration!! So the question is… did I nail it or nah? ;)

Much love,
Tiff @LaceNLeopard

Sexy Kitty.


Kim Kardashian is infamous for rocking this trend and, from the looks of it, it won’t be going anywhere any time soon! The bodycon two piece! Nothing screams sexy like a good bodycon dress, ESPECIALLY if you have the option of showing a little skin with it, in the form of a crop. Today, I’m sharing with you two looks offered via Babes and Felines.

An edgy company that is known for offering the cutest of the cute when it comes to sexy form fitting pieces. I’ve been a fan of their pieces for some time. So when they decided to expand their brand to plus sizes you know I was pumped!

Maroon Two Piece : Babes and Felines | Heels: +Rainbow Shops | Clutch: Local Beauty Supply

In the first look I am wearing their maroon two piece set, which I absolutely fell in loveee with! Perfect for a girls night out or a hot date. I completed the fit with simple nude sandals and a metallic leopard clutch. In the second look, I am wearing their multi-functional maroon tube dress with my vintage fur bag and leather jacket. This styling option is perfect for a classy dinner outing or concert with the honey. To say I felt edgy and sexy would be an understatement!

Two Piece Tube Dress: Babes and Felines | Purse: Thrifted | Jacket: +Lane Bryant 

For all my stylish kitties that would love to rock at look like this, Babes and Felines is having a Cyber Monday sale as we speak! So take advantage!

I am not a professional, these are tips that have just worked for ME personally**
Fashion Tip: For pieces like these, wearing great shapewear that pulls you in and create a nice silhouette is key. Walmart has great affordable options online. And If you would like REALLY firm hold -- duct tape never hurt anybody! Lol You think I’m playing…but I’m serious! Start off with saran wrap, to protect your skin, and get to taping your trouble areas. Be careful to wrap it firmly but not too tight. Cut it off at the end of the night. It works wonders ;)

Much love,
Tiff @ LaceNLeopard

Three Way.


When it comes to stretching your closet I am all for it! I love thinking outside of the box and being creative when it comes to the clothing I wear. Not to mention, remixing your clothing is easy on your bank account. Who doesn’t love that?! I always look for pieces that I can wear the heck out of in unique and different ways.

Today I am going to show you three totally easy looks made from one awesome essential. When I see something in my closet, I want to be inspired and challenged by the opportunity to wear it someway new. This ByGrisel dress offered via Rebdolls, does just that. It fits my body like a glove, has a cute and unique splattered paint print and its Gray! I totally need more gray in my closet because I LOVE it! Plus, it’s flattering for your curves and just plain easy.

Date Night: Show them curves girl! This dress hugs all the right spots and will be sure to have your boo doing a double take ;) Heels & Clutch: +Rainbow Shops 

Office Party: It’s ok to be all bootylicious and stuff but you might want to turn it down a notch at an office party lol. So I turned the dress into a skirt by layering it with a cashmere-ish poncho that was gifted to me by my mother. Still sexy and appropriate at the same time. Poncho: Gifted.

Girls Night Out: I chose to tuck my dress in my acid stone washed skinnies and wear it as a top for night-on-the-town look. I finished off the look with red heels and clutch and, of course, leather! You can never go wrong with a nice leather jacket it adds instant edge and an effortless quality to every look! Jacket: +Lane Bryant | Skinnies: @fashionavenueplus | Heels: @zara | Clutch: Thrifted

I hope you ladies enjoyed these looks and if you would like to see more posts like this…let me know!

Much love,
Tiff @LaceNLeopard

#LNLWeightloss:: Monique


Baby thicka than a snicka!! Man...these are probably the exact results I'm looking for! lol. Down 80lbs! Check out Monique's ah-mazing weight loss story!

Much love,
Tiff @LaceNLeopard

What motivated you to lose weight and how much have you lost?

Honestly I really got tired of being the big one, the fat friend, or the she's pretty for a big girl. When I finally made up my mind I remember talking to my ex, and telling him I was going on a diet.. He just looked and said " you always say that, just let it go"... While I don't really think he knew how those words affected me! The journey started off trying to prove everyone wrong who had ever written me off especially him, but a month into things it became more about me, and how I was feeling and treating my body like a temple!  Start weight 280lbs and I've lost exactly 80lbs!

What did you do to lose weight? (ie. weight watchers, low carb, portion control, fitness apps, exercise, juicing, etc.)

I started off eating really clean, only proteins, veggies, fruits & a minimum of 3 starches a week mainly brown rice and sweet potatoes. Once I incorporated the gym, I would walk for 60 minutes on the treadmill and once I built up endurance I started interval training once I started running the weight really started to melt off. And once the lbs started flying I started strength training with weights toning my areas to keep a toned physique. 

What are some of your favorite meals, food items or snacks when dieting?

My favorite foods are spinach, and almonds.. Almonds are great for snacking and curbing your appetite! I also love love cliff's white chocolate macadamia nut granola bars. And fresh cut pineapples, I eat them every day!

Did you follow any weight loss “rules”? (ie. no eating after 5, no carbs, etc)

The only weight loss rule I really followed was no fried foods, I couldn't follow a time schedule for eating because of my work schedule, so when I did eat late I made sure it was a lite meal.

In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about weight loss?

The hardest thing about losing weight has got to be consistency and having your mind made up. It's easy to eat right for that 1st week but what happens when you're bored by the 2nd week. I always say it's mind over matter!

What are some of the joys of being at a healthier weight?

Although I'm not quite at my ideal weight, the best feeling has got to be, being able to go into any store and knowing they will have my size! My wardrobe has drastically changed lol I've bought clothes just because and also when you haven't seen an old friend in a while and they see you for the first time after your weight loss. 

If you could leave readers with a word of advice or any tips, what would it be?

My advice is to have your mind made up and set! Once you change your mind, you then can change your body. Weight loss starts with the mind!!!

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IG: @thatssomoe
FB: Monique Woods
Twitter: @destruktiondoll



Sweater & Skinny's | Fashion Avenue Plus | Flannel: Thrifted | Boots: Shiek

Whether you wear them buttoned, unbuttoned on top of your favorite tee, or wrapped around your waist, flannel shirts are pretty much EVERYTHING right now, and actually, have been for decades. In the 90’s, flannels were typically part of the grungy-casual outfit, often paired with chucks, old tees, thermal shirts, and distressed jeans. And while these pairings still hold true today, we’re also seeing flannels paired with polished staples like skinny jeans and heels, and fitted skirts…adding a casual touch to an otherwise dressier outfit.

I love pairing black white and red together. So, for this look I wore my black and white LOVE sweater with white skinny jeans. I finished off the look with my absolute favorite flannel that I got from the thrift store for $2, and some peep-toe booties. This look was everything I wanted it to be…young, chic and edgy. The flannel trend is something that I surely won’t be getting tired of any time soon. Definitely a trend to, at least, try! So, my question to you is…have you flannel-ed lately? ;)

Much love,
Tiff @ LaceNLeopard