Cream Fien


Top | Jeans | Heels| Clutch
Hello loves! Here is a little mid-week inspiration for you all! Fall is quickly approaching us and I wanted to show you a light and fun outfit that will transition perfectly into the fall and still work for the final days of summer. Nude is one of my favorite colors and it just goes so great with a good pair of jeans. I played up my look with a hint of snakeskin with my heels and clutch. I hope you enjoyed  this look and happy hump day! It's almost Friday ;)

Much love,

African Style


Top: Size 3X | Jeans: Size 22 | Heels: Size 10 | Bag
The Dashiki trend is one that simply can't be ignored. Celebrities from Chris Brown to Beyonce are rocking them, from everyday people all across my Instagram feed. I definitely, want to get an authentic dashiki but in the meantime I decided to try out the trend with a less expensive option from Rainbow.

This dashiki Manhattan print tunic is $14.99 and comes in a beautiful red coral color as well as yellow. It's polyester and spandex, so it completely different from your typical dashiki material, but the awesome print still rings true. I decided to pair the tunic with white jeans and yellow laced-up heels for a fun and bright look. And I love the way it came together! Tip: Let your dashiki take the focal point by wearing all solid colors with the rest of your ensemble...and you will be ready to slay!

Ps. I named this blog post African style because the dashiki originates out of West Africa, but also because my mother says "African style" almost every other day for one reason or another and I think it's hilarious! Love you mom ;)

Much love,
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Blue Magic


Dress | Heels

Hands down, one of my top pre-fall essentials is Navy blue. You will be seeing a lot more of the color from me in my upcoming looks. Heck, I might even do a navy look book since I'm digging the color so much. I received this dress from Fierce N Kurvee boutique and instantly fell in love. I already love maxi dresses (duh...who doesn't), but combined with the color it was an instant hit.

You may remember another navy blue number that I wore from the boutique that everyone loved on my Instagram. This dress features a wrap front detailing and a long belt for a sophisticated touch. The top dips down a little low, so for an easy fix I used a small safety pin and adjusted to my liking. This is totally optional as you can always wear a fancy bra to showcase or your very own "natural assets" if  you know what I'm saying :)

I finished off the look with a gold collar necklace and gold bracelets that I purchased while vacationing in Puerto Rico. This dress made me feel good in it, sleek, sophisticated and sexy at the same time. And any dress that does all nothing short of magic ;)

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Much love,

Orange Creamsicle


Top: Size 3X | Shorts: Size 22 | Boots: Sold Out | Bag

If any of you have seen my Instagram lately, I have totally been into shorts lately. Maybe it's because of the California heat...but nonetheless I'm throwing shorts on every other day now lol.

Shorts can easily be looked at as a casual piece. But today's look is all about how you can make a casual piece chic and edgy all at the same time. You know my motto: I love a flowy top with short shorts and this look was no different. However, in this look I added my Lane Bryant knee high boots for some added edginess. I wanted to pair the boots with fresh and bright colors to balance out the black. So, I opted for orange and white. This is a color combo that I've always loved. It reminds me of the creamsicle ice creams we ate back in the day and it compliments so many skin tones.

Tip: A bright colored shirt in any color will work for this look. If you don't have knee high boots (which I admit are hard to find) this look will also work with black booties, peep toe booties or caged heels.

Whatever you choose, just own it!

Much love,

Diamond in the rough


Who says that you have to spend a fortune for great style? I found this yellow blazer at my favorite thrift store of all times. I love them because their prices are awesome and I have had some pretty good luck finding plus size items. Which are hard to find sometimes, especially the stylish items.

I decided to pair my golden find with a black & white abstract skirt that I got in 2013 and a simple black camisole. I finished the look off with my also thrifted fur bag and some nude Go Jane heels. I love the way today's look came together and it is all about finding great fashion for less...which I'm all about. They say money doesn't equal style and I second that!

Much love,

No Shortcomings


Top: Rainbow Shops - Old/sold out | Shorts: Local - Fashion Avenue Plus - Old/sold out | Heels: Go Jane | Bag

Believe it or not, I used to hate wearing short shorts. Heck, I used to hate wearing shorts period and if I did wear them they had to come all the way to the knee. I thought like that all my life, even in my early blogging days. Then, one day I sat and reflected on what I was really afraid of? In my mind, someone was going to see me -- point and yell out "Eww...gross look at that fat girl and all her cellulite!" Blah blah blah. When the reality was that no one was going to yell out and say anything and if they did have a comment they probably weren't going to say it to my face. And why did I care so much anyways? Afterall, I did kind of like my thunder thighs.

One short outfit at a time I started gaining more confidence. And then one day I felt that some of the shorts that went to my knees "cut off" the length of my already short legs and decided to go shorter and I loved it! As I suspected, I did received a few stares but no one said anything. A lot of times what we imagine happening is way worse than the reality. Half the time people are so busy with their own lives that they are not worried about what you decided to wear to go and get a pedicure. I'm not going to say this journey happened overnight, but I can say it gets easier over time and now I can go pretty much anywhere with short shorts without a care in the world!

Here are my top 5 tips for wearing shorts or for anyone hesitant on wearing shorts :

1. Make sure that YOU like the way you look before leaving the house. If you like it, don't let anyone one else on the "outside" change your mind.

2. Be comfortable. If you are pulling down your shorts all day or re-adjusting them, it will effect how you feel overall. So, pick a great pair of shorts that feel good on your body.

3. Try a product like Monistat chafing powder gel to help with rubbing thighs and to stay dry.

4. Balance out short shorts with a loose fitting or long top. I love doing this! But this is totally based on your mood. I'm down for a crop top and shorts too ;)

5. Have fun with your look! I get the most satisfaction wearing shorts that I have made myself. Start a little DIY project one weekend. Grab an old pair of jeans in the back of the closet, find a good Youtube video and distress or bleach them yourself for free!

Hope you enjoyed reading my journey and tips. If it has helped at least one of you, I call that a blessing;)

Much love,

Flow Up


Top | Skirt

So, yesterday was my high school reunion and it was so good reconnecting with love ones. As we get older sometimes we get so busy with life that we don't take the time to foster relationships that mean the most to us. I told myself that I need to be that change and will make more of an effort to improve my relationships and this reunion was a great reminder of that.

I knew that we were meeting at the beach and I wanted to wear something long and flowy. So, instead of a dress I opted for a floral off-shoulder top that I tied up to create a crop top and a maxi skirt in a complimenting color. The outfit was a hit! I received so many compliments and most of all I was comfortable and felt good in it! Which, to me, is key to a confident look.

If I learned anything from's that relationships matter and that's what it is all about. First, my relationship with God, family and friends. I heard once: If everything material was stripped from us all we have is the relationships that we have built. That hit home. So, keep loving and keep in touch! And always keep it curvy, classy and confident!

Much love,