Blacker the Berry.


Tank & Jeans @Fashionavenueplus | Jacket: @lanebryant | Heels: +Rainbow Shops | Shades: Del Amo Fashion Center

It’s always good to try something different right? I took that philosophy and ran with it, in this week’s look. I am constantly looking for and finding inspiration online and on the streets. Fashion is everywhere and I love it! My girl @iamdnicole BRINGS it when it comes to fashion inspiration and outfit creation on her Polyvore Style by D Nicole. I love her range of outfits. She posts anywhere from sophisticated chic to, day to day, cute and casual.

I decided to try one of her edgier looks and complete it with my own twist. Leather? Check. Distressed jeans? Check. Black lips? Check. (Sidenote: I lovvveed the black lippie!) This look screams “Edgy Chic” and I could not wait to recreate it! Be sure to check her out for more outfit inspiration!! So the question is… did I nail it or nah? ;)

Much love,
Tiff @LaceNLeopard


  1. I think you nailed it! Are you wearing something under those jeans or did they come like that?

  2. Yup, you did thaaatttt!!!! Also love the hair. Are they crotchet braids?

    Sooo cute! The perfect way to add a pop of color and little pizzazz to an outfit.

  3. Thanks boo! And yes these are crochet braids. I took a mini break but im going right back to them...I loveee them!