Top: Older, I believe I got it from @fashiontrendinc | Skinnies: Gifted | Heels: Rainbow | Belt: @labellacouture1

So IDK if this only applies to me and my friends? But it seems like the older you get the less presents you get for Christmas?! One day you wake up and your running around like a chicken with his head cut off looking for gifts only for Christmas day to come around and you have one gift, if you’re lucky lol. So, with this realization, a few friends and I decided that we would do our own gift exchange each year and call it “Friendsmas”. Last year, went up to the snow and exchanged gifts. This year, we did a painting over drinks. Which was SO fun! I can’t believe I made my painting because I am truly artistically challenged. Stick figures? Yeah, that’s all me lol.  To say I had a BLAST would be an understatement. We may not spend a lot of time together but when we do it’s always good times. Especially if drinks are involved ;)

For my outfit of the night, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible but still cute. So I opted for a non-restricting flowy asymmetrical top that I love! It hides the belly and has a flattering cut. Perfect for those nights you don’t want to suck it in or wrap it tight lol. I paired the top with these super cute leopard skinnies that my mom gave me. Thanks Mom! And finished off the look with my three-toned Zara inspired heels and oversized gold plated belt.

I loved the way the look came together but loved the time spent with friends even more ;) What are some of your Christmas traditions?

Much love,
Tiff @LaceNLeopard


  1. Love this look and your hair is amazing!

  2. Beautiful look....

    Jennifer from Nigeria

  3. I love the outfit and that painting is really good!

    1. Thanks girlie! I was so proud of myself for that painting! lol