Superbowl Chillin.


Hey yall! Hope you had a great weekend and Superbowl Sunday! Though I have minimal knowledge of sports…I did enjoy the food, drinks and lively atmosphere! Oh yeah and the Beyonce half time show lol. I swear her wigs be LAIDDDDD honey! Anyhoo, I went and functioned at my friend’s house where she served up New Orleans style cuisine…complete with Gumbo and Shrimp Po Boys. BOMB…ya understand? lol. I kept it casual and wore some army green skinny jeans that I picked up at the Goodwill for $2 and a Tie-Dye scarf that I thrifted for $3. I finished the look off with a thin flowy cardigan and my favorite most comfy nude heels. I really enjoyed catching up with my friends, cracking jokes, and just genuinely having a good time. So…what did yall do Superbowl Sunday and what did yall think of the much anticipated Beyonce performance?

Much love,


  1. I'ma go ahead and assume that purple in your scarf is for the Baltimore RAVENS!!! AHHH Birdland BABY!! WOOOOOOO!!! lol, besides that, you look comfortable and cute. Very chic! And yes, Queen Bey did indeed slay the stage!! Loved it!

  2. Beautiful eyes, beautiful scarf

  3. I really love your hair! You're making me miss my bob!

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