Hey lovelies! Back with an outfit of the night J This night was pretty casual…just going to a friend’s house, but still wanted to look nice. So, I decided to wear black tights with a thin sweater top that has an opening down the middle. I wore a black tube top underneath, cause it was too cold and ‘aint nobody got time fa dat’ < sorry had to do it lol. -_- I wore a red lip, chunky gold accessories and black boots to finish off the look. Now, the question is...what I’m going to wear for Valentine’s Day? What are you wearing?

Much love,


  1. cute and fun look! LMAO at "aint nobody got time for that!" sweet brown is getting her 15mins lol

  2. Girl you betta werk!!! You look great! Love that top! Im wearing a polka dot bodycon dress for v-day...nothing too crazy lol.


  3. You always look great! I love the gold and black combo.....such a classic.


  4. Love this whole look! That ring is my fav. thing you have on though lol.