Refashion Your Jewelry


Some of my old jewelry

Ok, so we have all heard of refashion'ing your clothing...but get your money's worth and refashion your jewelry too! On some down time, I took some of my old bracelets that showed a little wear and tear or that were outdated and fabric wrapped them! It didn't take much time and it added some spunk to my jewelry collection! I didn't get a chance to do a tutorial or anything..but I really dont think you'll need one..its fairly simple. Here's what you'll need:

1. Old bracelets
2. Desired fabric
3. Fabric glue
4. Scissors

Start off by cutting fabric in 2-3 inch strips. Use fabric glue at your starting point. Secure fabric strip in place. Wrap the fabric around the bracelet and secure with fabric glue at your ending point (may need to be repeated depending on how long your fabric strip is and how big your bracelet is). And there you have it, a brand new piece to add to your collection full of color and texture! The best thing about this is that you could use the same bracelet over and over with new fabrics! If you decide to try it out...send me some pics..I would love to share with everyone :) So what do you think?

Much love,



  1. great idea...i will def be trying this soon!

  2. I like that... I may need to try that out because I have a few bangles I don't wear anymore.

  3. This is a great Idea!!!

    E. Louise

  4. LOVE!!! So creative! I will definitely be trying this! Im thinking of doing a solid color on the bottom with a lace overlay. Thanks for the idea.