Yes, No, Maybe So? : Jill Scott


I've always felt that if I had a TV appearance or red carpet appearance that I would be pulling my hair out thinking what am I going to wear? But sometimes I see celebs and they are so simple and it works for them...or I see people and I think they just don't care. This is Jill Scott spotted at the afterparty for her VH1 "Storytellers" which premieres on May 21st at 9PM ET/PT on VH1. So what do yall think of her threads? Yes, No, Maybe So?

Interesting Fact of the Day: Babies are born without knee caps. They dont appear until the child reaches 2-6 years of age. 

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Source: The YBF


  1. I love Jill, I think the outfit works for her but I'm not feeling the hair. I miss the curls!

  2. This outfit gets a big fat NO from me.. .love ya Jill but this ain't it! Her hair is banging tho..

  3. I like it all the way until you get to the shoes, I don't know about those.

  4. Ummmm....well...I am a Jill Scott fan all day but I'm sorry. This look is not doing it for me at all! Yeah just looked again and NOPE. lol

  5. No miss ma'am -___-. I think it's the shirt for me... the jeans and sneaks I could get with but that shirt is taking me back to Pretty Girl summer of 2002... No, No, and NO!

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  6. Hahaha! Yall comments got me cracking up! LOL