Photo Op: Sophisticated Lady


Hey ladies, here is a photoshoot that I did a couple weeks ago. What I liked most about this shoot is that this girl could dress her pa-tooty off! I loved her outfit and accessories head to toe. She wore a sophisticated all black jumpsuit with sheer black heels and gold aceents. I did no stlying on this shoot, only makeup. This was also one of the few photoshoots that I did with NO photo retouching, photoshop that is. I just adjusted the color a bit on some pictures and that's it! We had so much fun and I cant wait to work together again in the future :)

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Much love,



  1. Her skin looks flawless! xxx

  2. You took some pretty photos. I really dig the closeup!

  3. Again I am a big fan of your work. And I absolutely LOVE your head shots. FAB!!