Photo Op: Meet Michelle


*all photos property of Tiffany Crawford of Pose N Play Photography.

I met with Michelle a few weeks ago for the first time to do this photoshoot. When I met her it was hard for me to believe that she didn't model and that she was just taking pictures for fun. She fit the model type and was gorgeous, yet...she was very humble, sweet and soft spoken. I really did love shooting with her...she reminded me how beautiful natural can be...

Much love,



  1. Stunning. I can tell that you both had alot of fun on this shoot. The pics are beautiful. I personally love the 3rd pic the best. I wish you were closer to Bosotn, lol.

    1. Awww...thank you! I love how that one turned out too...she was really a nice girl. Yes speak it! Hopefully one day I'll be traveling all around :)

  2. She's definitely good at it! Very pretty and I love her boots!

  3. These pictures came out great! What camera did you use and how did you make the background blurry? I really like that effect!