Work Related: Makeup to Breakup


I don't know about yall, but there was a time in my life that I was completed addicted to makeup! I would not go a day without a full face of makeup, yep..lashes and all. And not to say anything is wrong with that, but I started noticing I didnt like the way I looked unless I had it on. Anyway, one day my mom was like "baby, your so pretty why do you wear SO much makeup?" It took my mom to say it...but I really reflected on what she said. The next day, I went cold turkey. I went into work, sans makeup, and people actually thought I wasnt feeling was like wow. Since then, I stopped wearing so much makeup to work and only get fancy with it on the weekends for the most part. you feel pretty without makeup? What are some items that you cant go without on a daily basis?

Here is a casual day at the office with a little foundation and lip gloss...


"Hair tied chillin with no makeup on...that's when you're the prettiest hope that you don't take it wrong." - Drake

Jumpsuit: Derek Heart Plus
Cardigan: Zenobia
Scarf: purchased at Fallas $5
Heels: Thrifted


  1. Im loving the fresh face. I cannot go a day without my pressed powder, mascara, eyeliner, and clear lip gloss lol. I wear them almost everyday. If I had to choose one, I would probably choose my lip gloss because I hate chappy lips lol. The orange looks great on you, and the scarf needs to be mine! And you are always finding amazing thrifted shoes!


  2. beautiful!!!!! i look forward to your blogs cousin! amazing-ness on here! Keep up the good work and i love you lots!

    1. Thanks cousin!! I wanna say this is my boo Dior...but not sure? you either way!:)

  3. i cant go without mascara and a nude lipgloss, everyday. all that other stuff is when i want to be dolled up. you look fab with a naked face!!!

  4. First off let me say you look so pretty. You look stunning.
    And you must be my twin because I LOVE leopard! This outfit is tooo cute!
    Your hair is flawless, your face is flawless....
    I bow to u! You look great!

  5. You are very pretty! I personally love makeup. I wear it when I feel like and still rock it without a face full of makeup.

  6. I basically do my make-up on the weekends, I'm totally comfy bare-face with literally nothing but some carmax, besides I could never wake up early enough to put on a face and be to work at 6:30am. Id rather sleep in that much longer! But I do love how I look with full face of make-up. And Tiffy my dear, you are such a lil doll face with or without make-up.

    When are you going to have a make-up class!

  7. Thank you ladies for sharing your beauty/makeup routine with everyone and all of your sweet comments! Much love, Tiff ;)