OOTN: 90's Partayyyyy!


So, this weekend me and my girlfriends linked up and went on a 90's themed boat cruise! So you know what I was thinking right? What in the heck am I going to wear? What was 90's fashion? So I googled, and googled, and googled, oh and did I forget to mention that I googled?..lol. Yes, I searched everywhere for inspiration, but I just wasn't finding much.

So, I started searching popular singers/artists of the 90's and I started getting somewhere. I noticed that the females of that era left a lot to the imagination, which I thought was super sexy. It was about mixing tight pieces with more baggy pieces...midriff's with loose jeans, or a flannel wrapped around your waist..etc. So I raided my closet to see if I could piece something together, and found this tiger print jacket that I got while thrifting for like a dollar.

I paired the jacket with some tights, boots and frames and left it at that! I don't know how 90's my outfit actually was, but this was my best attempt...lol!

Much love,


Cat Jacket: Thrifted
Tank Top: DKNY
Tights: Feathers
Boots: Red Tag


  1. Loves it! especially the jacket! You looked really cayoot as always :)

    1. Thanks Eb and so did you!! Living in Color Fly girl!

  2. Girl you look so cute! Love it. That booty is outta controllll! I bet you make all the boys go cray lol.


    1. Haha! You got me over here bustin' up! Thanks Cherrie :)

  3. May I ask what color and brand of lipstick you have on?? It is gorgeous!

  4. Work them curls girl!
    I want a girls night out. All my peeps are in my old hometown in d.c.
    Im now in san diego missing the parties... :( sad face....ok ok...enough complaining. lol!
    You look fantastic


  5. i love this look and the hair style!!i would so wear this on a regular day too lol