OOTD: Headpiece


I don't know what it is but it seems like as I've gotten older I do not watch music videos anymore! I'm literally asking, "Oh they have a video for that song?" lol. So anyways, I kept hearing about Brandy and Monica's song together...heard some good things..heard some bad. But no matter what the opinion was on the song, I heard that they both looked great on the video.  Which prompted me to look it up a few days ago. As soon as I saw Monica and her headpiece I knew I HAD to have one of my own! Like now! I'm a good DIY'er if I REALLY REALLY apply myself..but I'm not into doing too much. If I need more than 5 materials...I'm good...lol. So I searched for an easy way to do this. I found a few videos to get an idea of what I wanted to do and then just improvised using all materials that I already had. Here is my outfit ofthe day with my DIY head piece :)

Much love,


Dress: Cefian
Flats: Previously owned
Watches: Passed down from my grandmother

DIY Notes: Take a long chain and measure it to the size of your head, where it would fit comfortably on you. Cut the chain, and connect the two ends by opening the loop with round nose pliers and securing the loop again. I found a charm bracelet that I already had and removed one of the charms that I wanted to be my focal point. Goto the middle of your chain and open a loop, thread your charm through the loop and secure again with pliers and your done!

Ps. If my notes were not clear enough, I posted a youtube video on a 3-way head chain below to help you!

Head Chain Tutorial

Monica and Brandy - It all belongs to me



  1. oh em geeeeeeeeeeee THE DRESS IS TO DIE FOR AND YOU LOOK like royalty in that freakin headpiece!! sooo gawjusss!!!! Why do you never come up in my feed even tho I'm subscribed to you?? ugh missing all this cuteness!

    1. Awww..thank you SO much! You have me over here cheesin..lol. IDK why? If you subscribe by email you should get an update every time I post? :(

  2. Its really cute Tif Tiff! Looking like a black princess, my bad.. Black Queen!

  3. This is SO cute! I love the head chain..the dress..everything. You look like a princess! Thanks for sharing...

  4. loveee this look! the headpiece really makes you look royal!

  5. Very nice look, and I LOVE the headpiece! But I'm coming to steal that watch ASAP lol

  6. Hahaha! Thanks Eb...I'll know where to look if it comes up missing! LOL

  7. Oh Yeah I am loving the head charm! Very Cute!