Yes, No, Maybe So? : Housewives


Kandi Burruss’ was recently spotted on the blue carpet in this number designed by friend and fashion designer Reco Chapele. What do you think? Yes? No? Or Maybe So?
On another note…NeNe was looking good if I do say so myself!

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*photos courtesy of The YBF.


  1. I like Kandi's look. I watch the show and she tends to have some hits and some misses (more misses than hits) from time to time. But she looks good here; I like the braided bun and the colors.
    NeNe is hitting it in that red dress!

  2. Kandi's eyebrows are a no no...I'm sorry. The rest is just ok to me. NeNe looks stunning tho!

    1. Totally agree Tammy.. she looks surprised..well maybe more like scary lol

  3. love kandi's whole outfit, i cant put my finger on it but something looks weird on her face !

    Nene looks amazing as always, that dress is banging !

  4. I don't like Kandi's look. Her makeup in the nose area makes her appear to have had a nose job. Her face just looks pulled back. The dress: seems to fit too tight; the che-che hanging out is a bit much. The tight dress and makeup in this case are not winning.
    Strong NO

  5. I just don't know where the pink skinny belt came into play?

  6. Nene looks great! Kandi's braids look too tight. She looks pretty though

  7. I like the color of the dress, goes great with her...but IDK about the pink belt. Maybe if it was a strapless dress with a yellow belt it would be better.