Lace N Leopard Store : A Few New Items!


We all know how hard it can be to find fashionable plus size clothing at a good price. In light of that, about a month ago, I decided to start selling a few gently worn as well as brand new items from my closet. This week, I added a few items and started a Lace N Leopard Store to make item purchasing more easier. Take a might just find something you like!

Ps. Most items are $20 and under and if you have anything specific that you are looking for, email me an let me know..I might just have it to sell :)

Much love,


*Items range from L to XXL

:: Interesting Fact of the Day :: In the 1940’s, the FCC assigned television’s channel 1 to mobile services (two way radio’s in taxi cabs, for instance) but did not re-number the other channel assignments. That is why your tv set has channel’s 2 and up, but no channel 1.


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