Hey Ladies! I’m back with another Whole Fit From The Thrift! Ok, so…anyone who thrifts knows that it can be tiring and takes a LOT of patience. But if you love it as much as I do, in the end, it’s all worth it. A few weeks ago...I went thrifting at my favorite store, but after hitting a few aisles I was already tired and just wasn’t feeling it. It was a Saturday and all I wanted to do was go home, get in bed and watch Netflix. I decided to hit one more aisle before leaving out, and ended up finding this long sleeve fuchsia dress with cute pleats, a cinched in waist AND in my size! Best of all it was on sale for $2.47!!! I ended up wearing it to church to get my praise and worship on :) I kept it simple and paired it with some nude heels, a gold watch and thin hoop earrings. I LOVE when I find deals like this and encourage you all to try thrifting out if you haven’t already. Here are my top 10 thrifting tips. Please feel free to add to the list, I’ll take all the tips I could get :)

1.       When you find a thrift store, ask if they have sales. – a lot of thrift stores have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sales that could save you even more.
2.       Be patient – A lot of people don’t like to thrift because they go in and the first couple things they see they don’t like and they give up. Keep digging…keep looking and you’ll find gold.
3.       Wear comfortable shoes – Nothing will make you leave a store faster, than your feet hurting.
4.       Clothing – wear clothing that makes it easy for you to try clothes on, on top of. A lot of thrift stores don’t have dressing rooms so I wear thin camisole’s, tights, etc. To make it easy to slide clothes on top of.
5.       Check – Always check for stains, holes, broken zippers, etc. You don’t want to get home and find out that your favorite find is damaged.
6.       Cash money – Don’t forget to bring the cash. Some thrift stores allow you to use debit and credit but a lot of stores only accept cash. So bring some green just in case.
7.       Visit – visit different thrift stores in different areas of town. I need to use this tip myself…I get so used to going to the same store…but don’t limit yourself. Search for new ones. So many places have great pieces.
8.       Limit – Try a thrifting limit. I usually take $20-25 with me. It is easy to go overboard in the thrift store…I have left with BAGS and BAGS of stuff that I didn’t need and didn’t have room for. So find your limit and stick with it.
9.       Take a friend – taking a friend with you could make your experience much more fun and make the searching period more bearable…lol.
10.   Imagine – While picking pieces, imagine your closet at home and how you style what you already have with your newly thrifted threads.

And that’s it! Hope this helps ladies! Happy thrifting and much love…



  1. This color is great! The style is very flattering!


  2. Absolutely loving this dress and color on you! Too Cute. Thank you for the thrifting tips. I'm new to thrifting and I've been finding it hard and never leave with anything. Plus, it's hard to find my size. But your tips are a great help and I will continue to thrift, as I know that we I find that perfect item I will be hooked!!!

    1. Thanks Janae! You're welcome...keep at it and I just know you will fall in love :)

  3. Gorgeous dress! And for only $2.47? You win.

    1. Thank you! Yes girl...you know I skipped outta there lol.

  4. You look too cute!! Those are some great tips! My biggest problem is my lack of patience when thrifting.

    1. Thanks girl! Yes...you see I even fall victim and I LOVE to thrift lol.

  5. This color is so vibrant and it's a good color on you. I love thrift stores. I grew up learning how to style on a budget so thrift stores and yard sales were my fav. I found an authentic Coach saddle bag for $5 at a thrift store!!! New is price at $500. Because it didn't have logos they thought it was a regular bag.


    1. Thank you! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! That was definitely a steal!!

  6. Beautiful u look great xxx

  7. lovely in pink!


  8. Awesome tips! I do the majority of these things when I go thrifting except the limit thing...no limit! LOL

  9. hot pink is def your color!!looks great on you

  10. You look great! As an avid thrifter, I agree!--thrifting is tiring but so worth it! GREAT tips :-)