V-Day On A Budget: Panties & Bras


So we all want to look nice and feel sexy on Valentine’s day, well any day for that matter, but especially on Valentine’s day. But, sometimes we don’t have to the money to go out and get a full lingerie set or buy expensive lace numbers, etc. If you are on a budget, but still want to spice it up, check out Rainbow! I just happen to be going there to look for a quick top, since it’s around the corner from my house, and tripped up on this uber cute laced-detailed panty and bra set for $9.99! I was like what?! For BOTH?? So, I snatched it up with the quickness! So, how did I like it? See below for my pro’s and con’s.


= Of course, it’s super affordable
= They come in very cute designs with great attention to detail
= The underwear is breathable
= Nice last minute go-to
= Sexy and flirty
= Adds a little spice to your norm
= They seem to run a little small. Or maybe it’s my butt? lol. IDK? But, I bought a 3x and though I could fit it, a little more wiggle room was left to be desired. So, size up if possible.
= The quality is good, but don’t expect this to last you for years or anything.
= Not all areas have Rainbow or Citi Trends as it’s called some states. Check out their site, to see if they have a location near you.
= You can’t order their panties and bras online, unfortunately.
Overall, if you have one in your area, I would definitely recommend their panties and bras for a special night with your honey or if you just want to add variety to your already sexy collection ;)

Much love,
Tiff @LaceNLeopard


  1. I love the boy shorts but the bras are not friendly with my side overage...

    1. I never tried the boy shorts! I'm going to have to check them out!

  2. Hey, Thanks for sharing this beautiful lingerie set and I am obsessed with these bras and panties. The best thing about this is that all are available in a good range and varieties. I also want to share that I have a lovely collection of Cosabella luxury lingerie and that suits my body perfectly, everyone should try it.

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