Single on V-Day.


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy that you're single!

With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner some of you singles out there might feel a little anxiety about not having that special somebody to spend it with. When it comes to relationships these days, is love really hard to find or are we looking in the wrong places with distorted expectations? Who knows! I do not consider myself to be an expert on “How to Find Love” but if you are in a loving relationship with someone where the feelings are mutual then hold on tight with all your might.
 We all want to be loved by someone who adores us and although our current situation may seem a little bleak, why not work at changing your perspective?  Look on the bright side of things.  There are a lot of perks to being single. Here are MY top 10:

= You don’t have to worry about being cheated on.

= You don’t have to guess how someone feels about you.

= You can save your money.
= You don’t have to dread the healing process of having a broken heart.
= You can be yourself without excuses or reasoning.
= You can dress how you feel without trying to impress anybody.
= You don’t have to worry if their family or friends like you.
= You don’t have to deal with your significant other “Exes” or “Baby Mama Drama”.
= You don’t have to worry about your needs being met because you can meet your own needs.
= You don’t have to worry about a curfew when you hang out with friends because you’re single!

If you need someone to love, love yourself first. Although this is cliché, it’s the best advice one can give because obviously people are still depressed over being alone. You are the best candidate for being responsible for your own happiness. Don’t be so quick to think just because you’re single now that you are destined to be alone forever. You have the power to create the life you want and you must always remember that life doesn’t just happen to us, it responds to what we think and say. If you want love, search for it.
Be open to unlimited possibilities and believe that your significant other is out there just as anxious as you are hoping to be found. Make sure you are a happy, healthy and whole individual because when you do find love and I hope that you do, make sure you are ready for it. There is nothing more frustrating than continuing to make mistakes that bring you more heartaches then happiness. There is one thing in finding love, but another in maintaining a good relationship from an emotionally healthy state of being.
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