$2 Steal.


I love a good flannel top and would probably have more of them than a lumberjack in the fall, if I could just find them! I know that flannels are on trend, but honestly it’s been difficult for me to find ones that work for me and that are in my size. So, you could only imagine how happy I was when I found this PERFECT one in MY size at the thrift store for only $2 ladies!! I literally could have did a cartwheel in the store lol.

This night, I was attending a house party so I decided to keep things simple in all back. I opted for a loose fitting black tank and paired it with black leggings w/leather detailing. I finished off the look with a pair of chucks and my thrifted flannel tied around my waist. I love the way the look came together and how the flannel just made everything feel effortless and carefree.

Top: DD's Discount | Leggings: @fashionavenueplus | Flannel: Thriftrd | Chucks: WSS | Watch: Aldo

Tip: Flannels are so versatile and easy to wear. They give a trendy & edgy feel to any look. You can take them from day to night by changing just a few key pieces.
Day: wrap your flannel around a tank dress or a cute pair of distressed shorts or jeans.
Night: wrap around a nice pair of leggings, with a tank, heels and leather moto jacket. Or wear it traditionally, tucked into a skater or pleated skirt – for a feminine flare.

Much love,
Tiff @LaceNLeopard