Dear Kate.


What woman doesn’t like a cute pair of panties? I know that I do. What if you could find a cute pair of panties that were also high performance? High performance?? YES. Meaning they absorb moisture, unlike your normal panty, keeping you feeling fresh all day and are also stain resistant. I had the opportunity to try this “Super” panty from the Queen collection of a company called Dear Kate.

 “The brilliance is in the fabric. Dear Kate's founder utilized her chemical engineering background to create the patent-pending fabric lining each pair of underwear. Comprised of two luxurious microfiber layers and a thin, breathable outer layer, this is revolutionary fabric to the rescue. Dear Kates are designed for real women. Each pair is machine washable, unbelievably comfortable and a peace-of-mind guarantee.”

I wore my pair yesterday and the very first thing that I noticed was how great the quality was and how comfortable they were. I’ve had my run of the rough scratchy lace underwear, or the ones that cut into your skin and the list goes on. With these, The fabric was ah-mazing and the fit was even better. I also did Tae bo yesterday (got my Billy Blanks on lol) and they stayed right in place, the whole workout tape, and did a great job at absorbing moisture.
I definitely recommend these. Especially, to those who work out or have an active lifestyle. They practically eliminate the need for panty liners. Before you know it, you’ll be singing “ I got 99 problems but panties aint one!” :)

Much love,
Tiff @LaceNLeopard

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  1. I will definitely be checking these OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!