Funky & Flirty


Recently, my 9 to 5 has been providing me with all kinds of fun stuff to do! First of all, let me say, I rarely win raffle type stuff. So, when I got an email asking if I wanted to enter into a raffle to win some George Clinton & The Funkadelics, P-Funk and Cameo concert tickets I thought what the heck I’ll enter. And to my surprise I actually won! Now, I was just a tiny tike when these bands were out but they made some great music and truly performed back then. I thought it would be fun to go and it was!

Since everything was last minute, I had to go with items I already had in my closet. I decided to go for an all-black and white look with a little funk. I wore a tiger printed sheer top with sheer-paneled leggings. I finished the look off with some comfy strappy sandals and an old wash-n-go that I picked out into a mini fro. I love that the outfit was covered but still showed a little sex appeal with the fit and sheer-ness <<is that a word?? Lol. Anyhoo, overall, I love how everything came together and, most importantly, I felt FUNKADELIC in a new school kinda way!

Much love,
Tiff @Lacenleopard


  1. Oooh Kill'em!!! Girl u look stunning!! Love love love those pants.. I admire how u pulled this together!

  2. Girl you look great!! I love the sexy mesh insert in the leggings!


  3. I love the Kenzo inspired sweater! :)