Lets Chill.


It’s super fun to get all glammed up and pull out all the stops. Eyelashes, leopard, riri woo, bodycon, pencil skirt, leather…you name it. But sometimes you just want to chill. This OOTD reflects one of those days lol. Just a nice sunny day on my way to grab some lunch with friends and fam. I picked up my FAVORITE skinny jeans in the world from @fashionavenueplus (they fit perfectly) and paired them with a tribal-ish print top that I thrifted for $2 bucks ;) I finished off the look with comfy flats and soft fluffy hair. A cute and relaxed look for a chill and relaxed day. What are some of your “go to” items when you just want to relax but still look cute and put-together?

Much love,
Tiff @lacenleopard


  1. U look super cute on a chill day! my chill day uniform is a swing tank blazer, skinnies, and wedges

  2. Cute flats, tunic and shorts!!