Top: Walmart | Skirt, Belt & Purse: @fashionavenueplus | Heels: Rainbow | Shades: Ebay

Ladies it’s time to rethink our closets! I was thinking this as I thumbed through clothes the other day. I wanted to wear a bright top but didn’t really have one, that I could remember, except for a neon top that came in a workout set from Walmart. But I wouldn’t wear that right? That’s the top I sweat in that has the funny sweat resistant material lol. Well why not? Rethink your closet “No’s” and somehow turn them into “Yes’s” <<< is that a word? Lol 

Anyhoo, once I reprogrammed my thinking… I decided to pair my neon “top” with an oxblood midi skirt and nude strappy heels. I added a little edge, by finishing off the look with a gold plated statement belt, gold studded purse and statement cat-eye sunglasses. I actually really liked how my Walmart workout gear turned out. Now I’m plotting my next item…I know I have some target PJ’s laying around somewhere ;)

Much love,

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