Hey ladies! Hope you are all doing well and in the holiday spirit! You know, typically, as we get older the less and less Christmas gifts we get. It becomes less about us and more about the kiddies and making it enjoyable for them. So…for the past couple of years me and a few of my girlfriends decided we should meet up and have a little food, a couple of drinks and do a gift exchange for the holidays. This year we met up at the BonaVista Revolving Cocktail Lounge (yes the lounge actually spins, but slowly of course lol). With the backdrop of LA high-rises and the city lights…the ambiance couldn’t have been better. For our little holiday fun, I decided to wear a knee length black and white striped bodycon skirt with a black cami. I brightened up the outfit with a fuchsia cropped blazer and finished the look off with nude pumps, a simple gold necklace and black clutch. I also changed my hair. I switched up the black tresses for an angled bob with honey brown highlights... that ended up being a hit! Not only did we share gifts but we shared laughs, love and memories…

Much love,


  1. BOMB! Love the outfit and the new hair is slaying honey!!!

  2. love your new hair!! i wish i was in LA, you guys have the most amazing places to go and hang out with your girls!

  3. You be really killing it. Love everything about this look. Classy, sexy, pretty, chic. The nude shoe really does it for me. And the hair is gorgeous. 5 stars!!

  4. Werk!! Mam!! And that you are right, it is definitely not about us.

  5. love the pop of pink!


  6. Really cute look and I loooooooooooooove the hair :)

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