New Set.


Just wanted to share with yall my excitement! So…I have been debating for some time if I should get acrylic nails. I used to wear them ALL the time...but one day I took my nails off to get a new set and never got nails again or had the desire to. Until….stiletto nails came about lol. At first I was a little skeptical of the new trend but I still wanted to try them out SO bad. So this weekend I copped a new set and got a design inspired by Emily B of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Chrissy & Mr. jones. I follow Emily on Instagram (which I love) and saw this design she posted and HAD to do something like it! My nail lady hooked it up and I posted a picture on my Instagram and Twitter and tagged Emily in it. So we all know that celebrities rarely respond to fans…so when she responded to my picture I couldn’t believe it! So yes that’s my excitement… little stamp of approval with a smiley face from Emily B! Totally made my day :) How do you wear your nails? Natural or Acrylic?

Much love,