Neon Orange Nails


So..I posted about the neon trend the other day and realized that I have NO neon pieces O.o. So I decided while getting a much needed mani & pedi yesterday, that I would go neon with my nails until I find some pieces that I like. I really like the color and how it looks against my skin. I'm definitely going to try some more shades. Here is a video on how my mani turned out. FYI, I played around with my video a its on this cutesy setting that I like that shows the true color better :) I also listed a few nail color suggestions with links on where to buy them below. Hope you like!

Much love,


So..would you rock neon nails? 


  1. Love the video and the color setting! neon nails are, especially yellow and pink :)

  2. Thank you! Im kinda glad that I didnt know the brand/name of this polish chipped pretty fast. Welp, new opportunity to try yellow or pink! :)

  3. love this nails colors cute

  4. Hi! What is ZOYA color name? Thank you!