Black Hair...Don't Care

This past weekend I decided it was time to change my hair. I normally change it about every six weeks or so, so it was definitely time. I opted for some jet black waves, about mid back length. Now, here comes the dilemma... I will be going on a 90's themed cruise this weekend, and I'm wondering is this hair 90's enough? Also, I have NO ideas on what to wear! I tried googling some 90's fashion ideas, and got little to no help. Any ideas ladies? In the meantime, here is a little of my new do' and the little 90's fashion that I did find '_'
Oh...if you find anything that you think I might like, drop the link or email me!

Much love,


90's Finds

*all 90's pictures courtesy of google images.



  1. Love the new hair Tiff!

  2. Im jockin' the hair, thats if i can get this dang red out of my hair! And I think you should try to rock the Mary J look for your party...I can see you in something like that...besides you like lace!

    1. Haha! Thanks boo :) Hmmm...I do have a corset but its not lace..so we'll see. I'm noticing women in the 90's had a kind of sexy tomboyish swag...no?

  3. Yes, I woudl say the tomboyish look.....baggy pants, tight shirt.

    1. I ended up putting something together straight out of my closet surprisingly! OOTN coming soon :)



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