Makeup by Moi


I told you ladies that I was a photographer, but I also do hair, makeup and styling for a lot of my shoots. So sometimes I get request for just hair styling or makeup. So, like an hour before I was supposed to be ready for the Saddle Ranch my friend/client called me like "I just wanted to let you know that I will be on my way for hair and makeup". Yeah...I forgot O_o. So I pretended as though I and thought to myself, oh- em-gee how am I going to get her glammed up and get myself together also in like an hour and a half? I don't know how in the heck I managed..but I did! Unfortunately, I forgot to snap before pictures, but this is the finished look!

Much love,


Hair inspiration: something similiar to this
Makeup inspiration: something similiar to this

Finished Look


  1. Yup! My girl made me look FAB!! Loved it

  2. You hooked it up girl! Very cute.

  3. Very nice look! Good job Tiff!

  4. You did a great job! just gorgeous combination