Hey loves! Issa #FlashbackFriday! A couple weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to go to LAFW to attend the Bishme R. Cromartie show. I was super excited but had no idea what to wear, per usual. I knew that I wanted to be cute and comfy, but that just sounded too regular shmegular for a legit fashion show!

Then, I thought of this mutli-color fur coat that I got from GS love! It was PERFECT! It allowed me to look fashionable without me having to prop it up, stick it out and suck it in lol. I paired it with a white bodysuit and black skinnies from Fashion Nova and a floral crossbody bag from Boohoo. I drew inspiration from these two fabulous pictures on Pinterest :) Who says that us big girls can't rock the same styles as our smaller fashion sisters?! #SamefitDoneThick

I hope you enjoyed this look! And if you want to see my night and the details of this outfit click the video below! I have definitely been more consistent on Youtube, so if you want to see a lot of the looks that I post here, in motion, be sure to subscribe to my channel! And drop by and say hi, I respond!

Much love,

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