heat wave


Hey loves! Long time no talk to! I know. I'm horrible. But, I feel like people just want to know the outfit details, for the most part, so I stopped writing. But, I have to remember that some people actually do enjoy my writing and it's a way for us to connect and vibe together! I know you have heard this before, but I will do better!

So, it's a zillion degrees in Cali. Especially in my area. Some of you may not know but I moved about an hour outside of the LA area, to a more mountain/desert location. I absolutely, love how quiet, peaceful and non-congested it is here. It has really allowed me to focus more and feel more at peace. And if I want to go to the glam, lights, fast-paced life of LA I am only an hour away. 

But with the desert life comes the desert heat! For the past two days it's been between 105 and 106 degrees. Yeah, quite ridiculous. Which could really be a pain when shooting looks. Yeah, being hot and sweaty? Not cute. A lot of times, I feel the less clothes the better! lol So, of course I had to pull out the cut-off's and lightweight tops. Because ain't nobody got time for that! 

Top | Shorts | Sandals: Similar | Fringe Bag: Similar

I also really want to get more into being a tourist in my own area and even in LA, there are a lot of places I still have not seen yet. So, to beat the heat. I decided to visit Castle Park. It's a small amusement park in Riverside county that has a water park in the summer, rides, arcade games and miniature golf. It is super reasonable ($24.99) for season passes and is the perfect size to me. I hate walking around amusement parks for hours and hours in the heat. Thee worse.

So on this day, I bought season passes for the family and we went and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We visited Buccaneer Cove, which is the water area of the park and played some golf. The water area is small (think kiddie land at soak city with a few extra slides), with no pool unfortunately, but it definitely does the job!

What is the weather like in your area? And what are you doing to beat the heat? I need to know! lol

Much love,


  1. Hi,

    My name is Magualie. Friends call me mafz for short. Love your story. Yoy loom lovey in your summer wear, understand it is very hottt...I live in the virgin Islands, St.Thomas to be exact! The weather is actually great. Many beaches, very blue water. You can see fishes beneath you...LoL. Well have a great day, and continue to do what you do best...

    1. Thank you so much! Oooh...the Virgin Islands! Definitely on my travel list :)