No Shortcomings


Top: Rainbow Shops - Old/sold out | Shorts: Local - Fashion Avenue Plus - Old/sold out | Heels: Go Jane | Bag

Believe it or not, I used to hate wearing short shorts. Heck, I used to hate wearing shorts period and if I did wear them they had to come all the way to the knee. I thought like that all my life, even in my early blogging days. Then, one day I sat and reflected on what I was really afraid of? In my mind, someone was going to see me -- point and yell out "Eww...gross look at that fat girl and all her cellulite!" Blah blah blah. When the reality was that no one was going to yell out and say anything and if they did have a comment they probably weren't going to say it to my face. And why did I care so much anyways? Afterall, I did kind of like my thunder thighs.

One short outfit at a time I started gaining more confidence. And then one day I felt that some of the shorts that went to my knees "cut off" the length of my already short legs and decided to go shorter and I loved it! As I suspected, I did received a few stares but no one said anything. A lot of times what we imagine happening is way worse than the reality. Half the time people are so busy with their own lives that they are not worried about what you decided to wear to go and get a pedicure. I'm not going to say this journey happened overnight, but I can say it gets easier over time and now I can go pretty much anywhere with short shorts without a care in the world!

Here are my top 5 tips for wearing shorts or for anyone hesitant on wearing shorts :

1. Make sure that YOU like the way you look before leaving the house. If you like it, don't let anyone one else on the "outside" change your mind.

2. Be comfortable. If you are pulling down your shorts all day or re-adjusting them, it will effect how you feel overall. So, pick a great pair of shorts that feel good on your body.

3. Try a product like Monistat chafing powder gel to help with rubbing thighs and to stay dry.

4. Balance out short shorts with a loose fitting or long top. I love doing this! But this is totally based on your mood. I'm down for a crop top and shorts too ;)

5. Have fun with your look! I get the most satisfaction wearing shorts that I have made myself. Start a little DIY project one weekend. Grab an old pair of jeans in the back of the closet, find a good Youtube video and distress or bleach them yourself for free!

Hope you enjoyed reading my journey and tips. If it has helped at least one of you, I call that a blessing;)

Much love,


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