Flow Up


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So, yesterday was my high school reunion and it was so good reconnecting with love ones. As we get older sometimes we get so busy with life that we don't take the time to foster relationships that mean the most to us. I told myself that I need to be that change and will make more of an effort to improve my relationships and this reunion was a great reminder of that.

I knew that we were meeting at the beach and I wanted to wear something long and flowy. So, instead of a dress I opted for a floral off-shoulder top that I tied up to create a crop top and a maxi skirt in a complimenting color. The outfit was a hit! I received so many compliments and most of all I was comfortable and felt good in it! Which, to me, is key to a confident look.

If I learned anything from yesterday..it's that relationships matter and that's what it is all about. First, my relationship with God, family and friends. I heard once: If everything material was stripped from us all we have is the relationships that we have built. That hit home. So, keep loving and keep in touch! And always keep it curvy, classy and confident!

Much love,


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