My 60lb Weight Loss Transformation & Weight Gain Story


Today’s post is something that is very personal for me and just hard for me to do. If you have been following my blog you know that I started a weight loss segment called “LNL Weightloss” where I periodically feature women who have become healthier, lost weight and kept it off. But, I have never shared MY personal journey or struggles.

5 years ago, I lost 60lbs and kept it off for 3 years. I went from 270 to 210…from a 3X to a Large. And, slowly but surely, gained it all back. I created this video to encourage women and show that weight loss can be done with hard work, but it’s even harder work to keep it off. It’s time for a change in my life. I will always be #TeamThick, but it’s time to be a healthier me and be #FitNThick ;) Follow or Join me on my journey to reaching #HealthyCurves!

Much love,
Tiff @LaceNLeopard


  1. I appreciate your inspiration so much. I am in route to change my way of living anf my weight status. God bless and good luck!

  2. Very inspiring! Happy you did this, I need the motivation, I need something to kick start me on the weight loss journey! I think this is it. Gotta start before it's too late! WANNA b around for my baby girls! Love u and keep it up! I'll be looking forward to your results and hopefully can share mine!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I had loss over 100 lbs in 2005/2006, was healthy and going strong even become a certified weight loss/management coach and work out trainer. Then I had knee surgery that put me out of commission and it had gone down heal from there. I gained all back when I developed thyroid cancer and other ailments. Still have some physical issues but I am on this weight loss journey again. I thank God for you sharing your story because it shows that hard work can get me there again. Love your site.