Chill Out.


Hey ladies! Two post in one week…I’m on a roll! LOL. Anyhoo…last Friday I was off of work and decided I wanted to just chill out and get a massage and some sushi…and that’s exactly what I did ;) We, as people, move so much that I find myself moving just as much on rest days as I do on work days. My whole idea was to just really RELAX and enjoy my day off, so I definitely didn’t want to wear anything tight or binding. So I reached for this casual, yet fun and colorful maxi dress that I got from Rainbow for like $19.99. Threw on some flats, chic shades and big bag and I was set to go! I love that STYLE is not about how much you $pend but what you do with what you have ;)

Much love,


  1. I seriously love Rainbow! They have the bestest deals on fast fashion.
    You're working that maxi dress though! Love love

  2. I love this dress, you look Glam!