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#LNLWeightLoss is baccck! Restarting my own weight loss journey has motivated me to pick up where I left off and continue this segment of my blog. I hope that sharing others journey could be an inspiration to, myself, and to all my readers! Now let's get to it!

BADD either way in my opinion! Down 80lbs! Check out Sandra's ah-mazing weight loss story!

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1.    What motivated you to lose weight and how much have you lost?
There were many reasons why I started my journey. Most of my family is overweight, women especially. I basically feared continuing the cycle. I feared becoming pregnant at my heaviest weight of 220lbs, and raising a child, and trying to instill healthy habits when I didn't have those myself. So, that reality alone was enough, plus being cute for the fat girl type comments, and having a hard time shopping for my size. It was frustrating. I've lost 80lbs. I currently weigh 140lbs :-)

2.    What did you do to lose weight? (ie. weight watchers, low carb, portion control, fitness apps, exercise, juicing, etc.)

Good question... My journey has taken me through a lot of "diets" lol. I started with a high protein high fat low carb, I've done low carb... What I feel really worked for me was incorporating 6 meals each containing protein, greens, and complex carbs. I don't count calories, just my daily meals :-)

3.    What are some of your favorite meals, food items or snacks when dieting?

My favorite right now is oatmeal with egg whites! It's usually my first meal of the day before the gym.. I already have oatmeal made, so just put some in a bowl, pour liquid egg whites, microwave for 2 minutes. Add some cinnamon and sometimes I'll add coconut sugar. Delicious! 

4.    Did you follow any weight loss “rules”? (ie.  no eating after 5, no carbs, etc)

Only rule I follow is to eat, and eat plenty of protein. 

5.    In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about weight loss?

In my opinion, the hardest part of weight loss is consistency. It's not an easy journey, and it will definitely test your limits. And it's a matter of sticking it through. And being patient.

6.    What are some of the joys of being at a healthier weight?

Wow, so many!!! Well, definitely attracting more variety of men lol I love shopping now. I can fit in anything! Feels amazing. My energy levels are so high. I'm much more productive. Have a new perspective to life. But, most importantly the feedback I get from others... It truly brings me joy hearing (reading) others say that seeing my transformation pics has given them hope that they can reach their goals. I've never had anyone serve as an example of a healthy fit life, and the fact that I can be that to others feels amazing.

7.    If you could leave readers with a word of advice or any tips, what would it be?

The best advice I can give is to never give up. Results take time. Don't rush it. Be disciplined, be patient, stay consistent. Results will come. Change the mind, and the body will follow ;-)
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