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I asked, you answered and now its time to deliver! A couple of weeks ago, I asked you on Instagram and Facebook if you wanted me to incorporate more weight loss inspiration, challenges and tips on the blog and the response was unanimously YES! So to kick off my new segment on the blog, #LNLWeightLoss, here is Fenise's inspiring story!

Much love,

   What motivated you to lose weight and how much have you lost?

I have never been on a diet before and honestly I just had nothing to lose! It was the best decision of my life and I’m very proud I did it, but losing the weight was the easy part. I struggle with keeping the weight off. I won’t give up without a fight though. I lost 90 pounds but gained 30 of it back due to a health issue.  I lost it in 9 months which wasn't the best idea so this time around I’m just doing it at a slower paste.

What did you do to lose weight? 

I just made better food choices and worked out at the gym. I didn't do anything special.

   What are some of your favorite meals, food items or snacks when dieting?

Spinach and fruits were my favorite. No rice, soda, bread. None of that stuff. I also ate a lot of special K products, but if it wasn't that, I ate fish and chicken with a salad on the side. 

   Did you follow any weight loss "rules"? (i.e. no eating after 5, no carbs, etc.?)

I ate smaller portions and didn't eat after 7.

In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about weight loss?

Hardest thing about weight loss is keeping the weight OFF! Also having faith in yourself. I didn't struggle with temptation until I was on my diet. 

What are some of the joys of being at a healthier weight? 

My skin is much healthier and clothes fit and look better.

IG Caption from Fenise:: “Friends that Stay Together Lose Weight Together @itsgoby”

If you could leave readers with a word of advice or any tips, what would it be?

PLEASE take your time. Losing weight is not something that you can just rush and do. Have faith and pray because this is a true test.

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  1. Congrats to her... Very inspiring!

  2. motivating !!

  3. WOW.....!! congrats girl !!

  4. Go diva thanks for this keep going strong

  5. Very inspiring post! You looked radiant and full of confidence, I love it! I was also overweight and it was tough to lose the extra pounds. Starting was difficult but thanks to my friend who lost weight with the 3 day Military Diet, she introduced me to try it, which I did. The diet was low carb and didn't permit any sugar for the next 3 days, so my sugar cravings were eliminated. The set meals included were mostly lean meat, veggies and fruits - all healthy. After the diet, I lost 7 pounds and continued on to eating right and exercising regularly. For informatin on the diet, see http://3daysmilitarydiet.com/blog/marine-corps-diet.html