Get More.


Dress: Fashion Ave | Skinnies: Rainbow | Clutch & Heels: Thrifted

Hey Ladies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend as we head back to the hustle this Monday! Well, I  just wanted to create a quick post showing you how you could GET MORE out of YOUR closet! I saw this idea from Crystal of Bold Style Diary and was so inspired that I had to try this myself! So, I took the burnt orange Peplum dress that I wore for my friends wedding and tucked the bottom into some skinny jeans. I thought that it would be all lumpy and obvious but it was actually very seamless and not noticeable at all! This was a great way to take a somewhat dressy ensemble and make it a little more casual. TIP: you could also use this same concept with dresses by turning them into skirts. Put a cute top on top of a maxidress or regular dress. You can even add a skinny belt to add more structure and to pull it all together. Getting creative with your closet and thinking outside the box will not only allow you to get more out of your closet but also put some ease on the wallet $$. Hope this helps boo's! 

Much love,