Hey ladies hope you are doing well and feeling lovely! Today’s outfit of the day is very simple and casual. I wore this on a chill day at the park, filled with flying kites and playing catch. All these beautiful weekends have me SO ready for summer! And speaking of summer…If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram YOU SHOULD!! Last Wednesday, I really needed some MOTIVATION to slim down. So, I asked readers to send in their WEIGHT LOSS before and afters and people loved it! So I will continue to feature women weight loss, tips, meals, etc... Every WEDNESDAY, I will be posting weight loss submissions for “Weight Loss Wednesday’s, so if you have lost weight and you want to share. Send your name/IG name, 2 pic collage of your before and after and a little about your JOURNEY or weight loss tips to Pictures may be posted to Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.  

Do you have any fitness goals for the SUMMER or just period? And what are some things you are looking forward to wearing this summer?

Much love,


  1. Cute!! I really like the red, print and jean together!

    And you should come hang out with me in IG as well!! I'm @TickaNascha ... I post pics regularly about my exercise schedule and my workouts (me in the gym) as well as my eating habits. Since June, I've lost around 23 pounds!! That may not be a lot to some people, but I'm taking my time so that the weight stays off.

    I'm looking forward to wearing shorts!! I saw a glimpse of a thigh muscle recently and almost lost my mind!! LOL!!

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  3. Super cute look, diva!!