Bomber Life


Bomber Jacket | Top | Jeans
Sometimes we feel that we have to spend an arm and a leg to come up with a cute outfit. But if style was about money a lot of us would be looking a hot mess lol. We all have different budgets and we have to make it work for our situation. That's why I enjoy showing trendy looks for less. This entire look came from Rainbow and I don't think it could be any trendier. From the uniquely distressed jeans to the cute bomber jacket. I just added some strappy heels and was out the door. So, next time you go to reach deep into your pockets, for an outfit, remember you define your style not your pocketbook.

Much love,


  1. Hi, I've never shopped a Rainbow store except for the kids' when going to the beach or zoo, for clothes that I won't mind being torn or destroyed after a few wears. Never, EVER thought to look at Women's fashion. Now I'm curious to see what I can find. The look suits you.

  2. Yes, they have some of the cutest things! Thanks so much!