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Dress | Heels: Previously owned | Bag: Forever 21

Hello ladies! It's been a couple of weeks since I've done an actual blog post. Sorry! The holiday's are getting the best of me. But, I have been updating my Instagram if you follow me there . So, don't forget to check me out on my other social media outlets for updates. I am trying to do a lot of DIY gifts this year instead of store bought gifts so it's taking up all my time. Hopefully, I can share a post with you on what I've been sewing, gluing and cutting. Let me know if you would be interested in those types of posts as I get more into my new hobby ;) 

For today's look I am totally sending some vintage vibes your way. Of course, with some new school flair ;) I got this dress from Karina Dresses. A company that obsesses about the perfect fit and making sure that their clothing is flattering. You can check out their philosophy here. I'm glad that this is their motto because this dress fit me so well and the colors just really complimented my skin tone. When I saw this one, I knew it was for me and the colors work well for the season so I went for it! Another BIG plus is that I didn't have to worry about shapewear too much. I did wear shapewear because I was shooting this look for you but it's totally not needed. So yeah...that all-you-can-eat brunch you want to go to? You can definitely pull it off in this dress lol. Gosh, I'm being so long winded today, I guess that just means that I miss yall ;)
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