Weekend Getaway.


Dress: Gifted | Clutch: Gifted - Forever 21 | Heels: Reflections - Cerritos Mall | Nail Color: Pastel Purple - Kleancolor | Earrings: Local Beauty Supply | Lip Color: NYX Purple Rain Lipliner, Wet N' Wild 505A and NYX "Power" in the center.

Hey Ladies! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted an outfit post, but I promise it will get better ;) If you are not following me on Instagram (@mz_jucee), make sure you are because I normally post there first! Anyhoo…on with the fit! I normally take some type of trip every year during the summer…but I promise summer went by unusually fast and I didn’t get a chance to go anywhere. So when I was asked if I want to go on an all ladies road trip to Escondido, I was pumped. Even though it’s not far from me, staying at the Welk Resort made me feel like I chilling somewhere off the beach. 8 Pools, shopping center, golf course, pizza hut, margarita shack…man this place had everything you could think of! So it was definitely a good time. This night we were going to a spot called Club Spin. So I decided to pull out a bodycon dress that was gifted to me for my birthday. I was kind of nervous to wear the dress because it was sheer all down the sides…so you know what that meant ladies...no shapewear! But I said hey what the heck…imma wear this and rock it confidently! And that’s exactly what I did. I paired it with some gold bamboo’s, envelope clutch and sequin leopard heels. As for my makeup I chose a dark rimmed eye w/some falsies and a pop of color on the lips. Definitely went for a FUN yet SEXY look this night. We had so much fun this night! A night I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. So, did you take any trips this summer?

Much love,


  1. GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and u rocked it most def!!!

  2. You look hot dear! Awesome dress!

  3. Honey you looking amazing. Leaking sex appeal all up and down these pictures. The makeup, hair and dress are all dope. Killed it!

  4. You (as I heard someone else say) look amaze balls! I didn't travel as much as I would have liked this summer and the two trips I took were not as fun as I had hoped. Just looking for some friends who know how to have a great time! Still searching...