Dark N' Lovely


Hey Ladies! Very excited to say that, today, I have been featured on Cherrie Amore’s Dark-skinned Girls Rock Series! DSGR is an encouraging series that features women and their love and struggle with their skin color. I love what Cherrie is doing because so often modern day colorism, for women, is ignored and unmentioned among the black community, mainstream media and even places such as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. 

Living in an era where “Light-skinned” and “Redbone” are constantly glorified in music and videos, and your favorite singer Beyonce, Rihanna, or Ciara looks nothing like you---an uplifting series as this is much needed. Know, that you don’t have to be a blogger to be featured in this series. So, if you are a Dark-skinned girl that rocks I encourage you to submit and spread the word of self-love! Thank you very much for this opportunity Cherrie, keep doing what you’re doing :)

See the full feature here!

God bless and much love,